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The Most Rapidly Advancing Home Automation Features in 2020 The Most Rapidly Advancing Home Automation Features in 2020

Technology Moves Fast in These Three Areas

It's safe to say that technology moves fast these days. We have now come to expect annual (or even quicker) updates to smartphones, tablets, operating systems, and apps. Since the innovation in smart devices like lights, thermostats, and security cameras are primarily software-driven, these devices are also rapidly gaining new intelligent features. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also driving advances. AI machine learning technology lets smart devices get smarter, detecting patterns and anticipating your moves and desires based on behaviors. What are some of the areas benefitting most from all this AI and software prowess? It’s hard to pick three areas, but we think these three have shown incredible leaps forward in the past couple of years, with much more to come. Keep reading to see how security cameras, voice assistants, and smart lights will enable more advanced home automation in your home in Alpharetta, GA or the greater Atlanta area.  

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