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Articles in Category: Motorized Outdoor Shades

Motorized outdoor shades let you tailor your outside environment to control sun, wind, and bugs. Discover the latest solutions here.

Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Florida Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Florida

How to Get the Most from Your Patio in WaterColor

We write prolifically about motorized shading on these blog pages and why they are particularly useful in Florida. You might be wondering, how are outdoor motorized shades useful? We're glad you asked, or at least hope you're wondering. 

Motorized outdoor shades can serve some of the same functions as indoor window treatments, but they also add a new dimension to patios, decks, and other outdoor areas on your WaterColor property. Stay with us below as we look at some ways you can use shades outdoors to create more comfortable and useful spaces.

3 Reasons You Will Love Motorized Outdoor Shades 3 Reasons You Will Love Motorized Outdoor Shades

Don’t Let the Weather Stop Your Outdoor Fun

Georgia has nice weather most of the year with only a few extremes. It’s humid and hot at the height of summer and can get quite cold in the lows of winter, but it's very pleasant for a good part of the year! That means you can enjoy your patios, decks, and yards in Atlanta for many months of the year. 

One way to get more out of your outside spaces is to control the environment with motorized outdoor shades. So, even when it's raining and blowing into your patio or the fierce summer sun is soaking your covered space, you've got a secret weapon at your disposal. Keep reading for three reasons you will love the flexibility motorized shades will bring to your outdoor space

4 Smart Ways to Use Motorized Outdoor Shades 4 Smart Ways to Use Motorized Outdoor Shades

These Outdoor Shading Tips Will Help You Get More Out of Your Backyard!

When designed well, your backyard can feel like a nice escape from home—even though you haven’t technically left. Fresh air, outdoor views, a bubbling hot tub, and good company is often all it takes!

Still, unexpected weather changes can force you right back inside if your outdoor living spaces aren’t equipped with the protection needed from extreme temperatures, sunrays, bugs, and rain.

When you add motorized outdoor shades to your Atlanta, GA backyard, you can keep these elements at bay and enjoy your exterior living spaces all day long and in any season! Below, learn four smart ways to use motorized outdoor shades for extended fun in the sun (or moonlight).

Get Ready for Fall Fun with Motorized Outdoor Shades Get Ready for Fall Fun with Motorized Outdoor Shades

Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces in Crisp Fall Weather

It’s August, and Georgia weather is still, well, warm and humid. Fear not, though; fall is coming! Late September and October will bring more comfortable, dryer weather to the South, perfect for most outdoor pursuits. 

Want to know how to take advantage of the mild fall weather? It may not be swimming pool warm, but it’s ideal for so many other things. And with motorized outdoor shades in your Duluth home’s patios, you can shape your outdoor environment for your comfort. Keep reading to see how outdoor shades let you make the most of the fall season.

Create an Outdoor Oasis with Motorized Outdoor Shades Create an Outdoor Oasis with Motorized Outdoor Shades

Beat the Heat and Enjoy More Time Al Fresco

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to get outdoors. While Georgia’s weather is mild in the spring, the Kennesaw area will soon experience the southern summer’s warmer, more humid season. And with spring and summer comes rain, and oh, the bugs. Does that sometimes keep you from enjoying your patio?

You can control the environment outside, too (within limits, of course). Did you know that motorized outdoor shades can let you enjoy your patios even more? Today’s solutions are more integrated and sleeker than ever. Keep reading below to see how outdoor shading helps you make the most of your outside areas.

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