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Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Florida

How to Get the Most from Your Patio in WaterColor

Why Motorized Outdoor Shades are Perfect for Florida

We write prolifically about motorized shading on these blog pages and why they are particularly useful in Florida. You might be wondering, how are outdoor motorized shades useful? We're glad you asked, or at least hope you're wondering. 

Motorized outdoor shades can serve some of the same functions as indoor window treatments, but they also add a new dimension to patios, decks, and other outdoor areas on your WaterColor property. Stay with us below as we look at some ways you can use shades outdoors to create more comfortable and useful spaces.

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Control Rain and Sun

If there are two things we get in Florida, it’s plenty of rain and sun. In some seasons, rain can come on suddenly, like the summer afternoon thunderstorm. What if you have a pergola to enjoy the dappled sun? When it starts to rain, you have an answer that doesn’t include heading indoors! You can install tensioned motorized shades on your pergola to block the rain! All it takes is the touch of a button on a remote control or a swipe on your home automation system app to close them up. Plus, you can choose fabrics that block or filter the sun for a shady sitting area any time. 

Al Fresco Dining (Almost) Anytime

Our beautiful year-round weather is ideal for enjoying a meal outside any time, from sumptuous Sunday brunch to dinner under the stars with friends. Sometimes, however, nature doesn't want to cooperate completely. Maybe it's pesky bugs by day or a slightly-too-windy night. Outdoor motorized shades can enclose your covered patio with one button tap. Wind-blocking fabrics and cable-guided shades can tame the wind or keep those bugs at bay. If you live in a breezy spot overlooking water, you can have a shade installation that withstands a significant amount of wind speed. 

Customize Your Space

Just like motorized shades help you manage the sun’s heat and natural light indoors, they do the same outdoors. Plus, they can help you create the ideal environment for any activity on your patio. It's easy to integrate them with your home automation system for simplified management. Put them on a schedule that raises and lowers them according to the sun's position. You can even use wind sensors to trigger automatic lowering to keep your patio comfortable and cleaner. Plus, shading your patio automatically can protect your outdoor furniture from too much sun exposure and damage. 

Use Your Patio to the Fullest

It’s never really that cold in the Florida Panhandle, but winter nights can occasionally get chilly. If you enjoy a patio fire table or heater in these cooler times, outdoor motorized shades can cut the breeze and create a cozy atmosphere to enjoy those nights. So rain, shine, wind, or cold, your patio will be ready for almost anything. 


Want to learn more about what motorized shading can do for you? Make an appointment with our Santa Rosa Beach office, or chat with us below to connect. We would love to work with you!