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Discover The Energy-Saving Benefits Of Motorized Shades

Lower the Energy Bill at Your Metro Atlanta Home This Winter

Discover The Energy-Saving Benefits Of Motorized Shades

The holiday season is upon us, and that means your energy bill is about to skyrocket. And we’re not just talking about the Christmas tree, either. The temperatures here in Metro Atlanta are dropping, and your bank account could be taking a big hit when January comes around.

Smart home technology is intended to make your life easier, and it can take some of the financial weight of the holidays off. (You’ll have to hit the treadmill for anything you gain from feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie.)

Motorized shades are an especially valuable smart home technology when it comes to conserving energy.

Read on to learn how these window treatments can lower the power bill of your Metro Atlanta home during the holidays and year-round.

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Stay Warm Over the Holidays

Your thermostat gets a workout during the holidays as the house heats up with guests and food being cooked in the kitchen, but motorized shades can take some of the pressure off your climate control system. For the best performance from your motorized window treatments, we recommend ones from Lutron. When lowered, Lutron's honeycomb shades create a pocket of air between the room and the window that functions as a barrier, holding your ideal indoor temperature steady and keeping out cold from outside.

During the winter, especially, Lutron motorized shades can be a useful addition for energy efficiency. Instead of needing to remember to raise the shades in the morning, you can automatically schedule for your shades to rise at sunrise to allow in sunlight and heat up your interiors. In the evening, automatically schedule for your shades to lower at dusk so that the acquired heat remains in your house and reduces your reliance on your home’s heating system.

Stay Cool Over the Summer

Just like how motorized shades can keep your Metro Atlanta home warm in the winter, they also are perfect for keeping your property cool in the summer. We know that summers here in North Georgia can get very warm – and that also means increased energy bills as you spend more trying to keep your home cold.

So, how do Lutron motorized shades help increase energy efficiency in the summer? With minimal effort, you can schedule for your shades to lower every morning to keep sunlight out of your house. We recommend shades with a reflective backing to achieve the most effective results. With honeycomb shades, however, you can insulate cooler air in your house through their cellular design.

In addition to energy savings, motorized shades have extra value because they protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from long-term UV ray exposure that can cause damage to your interiors. You’ll maintain the integrity of your interior decor and keep your home looking beautiful.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of adding motorized shades to your Metro Atlanta property? Contact one of our experts here or send us a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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