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Articles tagged with: Home Theater Installation

Why You Want a Professional Designer for Your Dream Home Theater

Home Theaters Are a Heady Mix of Art and Technology

Why You Want a Professional Designer for Your Dream Home Theater

There’s nothing that says you can’t put together your own home theater. Indeed, many homeowners do. A home theater can be a relatively straightforward room with a large screen and a sound system for an emotional viewing experience. 

One person's idea of an exciting viewing experience in a home theater can be wildly different from another. Some may want their home theater to fit into a living area or game room. Others want nothing less than a full-fledged dedicated room with lounge seating, a 13-channel surround system, and a 150-inch screen. Some like the theater to fit with their living area décor and others want one that makes a statement.

GHT Group (formerly Georgia*Home*Theater, get it?) has been a home theater designer and integrator in the Atlanta area for over 30 years. We’re not going to tell you which type of home theater is right for you – you tell us, and we’ll make it a reality in your Duluth home! But we do have some definite ideas why you want to hire a pro like us for the job. See why below!

How to Hide the Technology in Your Home Media Room

Make Your Media Room Fit Your Design Sense

How to Hide the Technology in Your Home Media Room

What is the difference between a media room and a home theater? Honestly, we don't know. OK, we're being a little facetious here, but we'll explain. You can call that best place in the house to watch movies, Falcons games, Netflix binges, or anything else whatever you want. If you think it's the home theater, that's what it is. If you prefer the media room, then it shall be so.

That said, there are some differences in what most people might think of between a home theater or media room. The home theater is more likely to be a dedicated space, and the media room is more likely to be a multipurpose space. However, by no means is any of this is set in stone. You can have whatever you want, and there are solutions for creating any type of media room or home theater you desire.

Whether it’s a home media room or theater for your Duluth, GA, home, one thing people tend to want is technology that is unobtrusive, fits the décor, and does not get in the way of a home’s aesthetic. We’re going to discuss two ways of hiding the tech below – please keep reading!

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Home Theater Company

Attention to Detail Makes All the Difference

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Home Theater Company

As we’ve written about at length on these blog pages, home theaters have never been more popular. The ongoing pandemic has forced the closure of live venues and movie theaters, making the home even more of a hub for entertainment. Homeowners have been reevaluating their media room and home theater installations, looking to add larger, up-to-date screens, more immersive audio, upgraded seating, and more.

Some people go about doing home projects by hiring a builder and letting them manage the project. Others might get more involved and hire the specific trades and subcontractors, overseeing a project more directly. How should you go about building or upgrading a home theater in your Roswell, GA home? Should you hire a home theater company like GHT Group? Keep reading for our take on the subject.

3 Reasons to Build Your Custom Home Theater in 2021

The Cinema Experience Will Always Be Better at Home

3 Reasons to Build Your Custom Home Theater in 2021

The “HT” in GHT Group stands for home theater, and it’s been part of our company’s DNA for over 30 years. We have always been huge proponents that the cinema experience is better at home, and we have been proving it by building some of the finest custom home theaters in the Buckhead and Metro Atlanta areas for decades.

The many effects of the current pandemic have made the proposition for a custom home theater stronger than ever. Many commercial theaters have shut down or offer severely limited capacity. As a result, first-run movies are having a very short theater run or simultaneously appearing on streaming platforms at home. Beyond film, the plethora of options for high-quality video entertainment at home seems to expand daily. Given that, why not take the plunge and build your own custom home theater, one that supremely fits you and your family? Explore three compelling reasons below.