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5 Ideas to Inspire Your Home Theater Remodel

Rekindle the Magic in Your Home Cinema with These Upgrades

5 Ideas to Inspire Your Home Theater Remodel

Home theaters have been around for many years. Perhaps you purchased a house with a basic theater setup, and you furnished and enjoyed it for some time. But all that while, you harbored the desire for that all-out home cinema experience that you may have seen at a friend's home or Atlanta's Parade of Homes. 

If you’ve been waiting to do your dream home theater remodel, now is the perfect time. While technology always changes, the latest audio and video standards are here and available now - no need to wait for the next big thing. In addition, there have never been more ways to customize your cinema space. Keep reading below to see five of the best ways to upscale your home theater remodel in Atlanta. 

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4K Projection

A 4K projector is a must for the up-to-date home theater. Today's models have native 4K resolution without the pixel-shifting pseudo 4K of only a few years ago, along with laser light sources for superb brightness and longevity. The newest projectors from Sony also support the latest HDR standards for the eye-popping color and contrast you want in your images. 

Immersive Audio

The latest movies and shows on Bluray or streaming video services use Dolby Atmos immersive audio. Dolby Atmos and similar formats like DTS:X offer a new level of surround sound with three-dimensional audio that puts you in the scene. Available in all the best audio brands like Marantz, a multichannel system with overhead speakers and multiple surround speakers will take your audio experience to the next level. 

Increased Comfort

Your home cinema should provide hours of comfort while enthralled in your favorite entertainment. Lounge and sofa seating can be outfitted with amenities like tray tables, lights, and USB ports for ultimate comfort and convenience while watching movies, sports, or Netflix series marathons.

LED Lighting

Lighting has changed quite a bit since you last redid your home theater. Today's LED lighting features different form factors and color capabilities to transform your cinema. Add LED lighting overhead to create a starry night effect that will wow your family and guests. LED linear lighting can be used for function and accent, from convenient navigation in your darkened theater to backlighting for screens for a modern and eye-pleasing effect. 

Acoustic Treatment

Today's soundtracks, with so many channels of sound, demand good acoustics from your room. Fortunately, you can use many architectural and surface treatments to fix the inherent acoustic imperfections in most rooms. From bass traps to diffusers, you can make your room’s audio sound better than the best commercial theaters. 


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