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4 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas to Make Your Home Pop 4 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas to Make Your Home Pop

Simple Lighting Ideas to Make Your Home's Exterior Shine

If you read these blog pages, you may note something we have said several times: Everything looks better in the right light. We didn’t invent that phrase, but it is our mantra when it comes to our work in lighting design and control for our clients.

Landscape lighting is one of those things that can turn a home’s exterior from forgettable to memorable when the sun goes down. It’s also one of those things that’s some parts art and some parts science. Here are some tried and true landscape lighting design ideas to spice up your Atlanta home’s exterior.

5 Important Advantages of LED Light Fixtures to Know About 5 Important Advantages of LED Light Fixtures to Know About

From Efficiency to Longevity, LED Lighting Is Several Steps Ahead

GHT Group is bullish on LED lighting, and if you have spent any time reading our blogs on the subject, you'd have a reasonably good understanding of why. They're efficient, flexible, highly controllable, and much more.

A very effective manager we once knew lived by this adage: Tell them, tell them again, and tell them that you told them. In the spirit of this messaging style, we’re going to recap here five of the most important reasons why we think LED light fixtures are a brilliant (pun intended) investment for your Atlanta, GA home. We invite you to peruse our other blogs about LED lighting for even more reasons!

Redesign Your Home’s Lighting with LED Lighting Fixtures Redesign Your Home’s Lighting with LED Lighting Fixtures

Explore the Quality and Attention to Detail of Element by Tech Lighting

GHT Group is a big proponent of LED lighting, and we’ve espoused the reasons before many times. LED technology is tunable, hyper-efficient, and allows for new lighting fixture styles that are not possible with older lighting.  

If you're building a new home in Dunwoody, GA, we would heartily advise you to go with LED light fixtures. And if you’re not, the compact nature of LED designs makes them excellent, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing replacements for lighting in your existing home. 

GHT Group works with great lighting brands like Lutron and DMF. Recently we have added another one to the fold, Element by Tech Lighting. Keep reading to learn what Element lighting can do for your home.

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Reimagine Your Lighting with LED Light Fixtures Reimagine Your Lighting with LED Light Fixtures

LED Lighting Is Not Just about Efficiency

New technologies sometimes transform entire industries - or bury some and create new ones. LED technology has transformed many industries. It replaced bulky CRT based monitors for computers, led to brilliant, efficient, and lighter laptops, is steadily replacing analog instruments and all types of lights in automobiles, and has revolutionized TV screens

In home lighting, LED technology may not create a total revolution, as your house will still look like a house. But LED light fixtures in homes lend new flexibility in lighting design, last much longer than other lights, and of course, are far more efficient for your Atlanta home.  

Let's take a look at a few ways you can use LED lighting to rethink the light in your home.

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4 Deadly Sins of Residential Lighting and How to Atone for Them 4 Deadly Sins of Residential Lighting and How to Atone for Them

How Good Lighting Design Can Cure Lighting Ills

You may not think about lighting until there's something wrong with it. If your kitchen is dimly lit, it doesn't make it a great place for food preparation. If you struggle to read a magazine in your family room because either the nearby lamp isn't right or the overhead lights add too much glare, you'll notice that also. If your light color temperature is "cool" and reminds you of fluorescents, chances are you will be bothered by it.

All of these things are examples of lighting not being up for the task at hand, whether it’s working, relaxing, cooking, reading, or trying to find your way down a dark hallway. Good residential lighting design is part art and part science, and when done correctly, your Atlanta, GA home will shine – pardon the pun.

Keep reading below for four deadly sins of home lighting and how you can correct them.

The Five Top Reasons to Upgrade to LED Light Fixtures The Five Top Reasons to Upgrade to LED Light Fixtures

All Upside, No Downside

We’re big fans of smarter lighting solutions at GHT Group. With some new technologies, there are advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to lighting, LED has clear and measurable benefits that are hard to ignore with no downside. While LED lighting and fixtures were once an expensive proposition, economies of scale and a major shift to this technology have now made them an easy decision for any home.

Should you upgrade to LED lights in your Alpharetta, GA home? You might guess our answer is an emphatic yes, and we’ll give you five reasons why below. Keep reading!

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Introduce Your Home to the Human Side of Lighting Control Introduce Your Home to the Human Side of Lighting Control

How Lutron Lighting Solutions Can Contribute to Wellness

We adapt to technology quickly, perhaps more than we realize. In the past 25 years, life has changed markedly with the onslaught of the Internet, which continues to connect not just people but almost every facet of our lives.

Sometimes, people rue the effect of technology on their lives and long for the "good old days" before it came along. They complain about the impact of technology, that all our "interconnectedness" makes too much of a 24/7 world.

However, technology can also enhance our lives in ways far better than the “good old days.” One of the latest features of LED lighting and lighting control is color-tuned lighting, and it promises to make your home’s lighting more natural and attuned to your daily rhythms.

It’s called human-centric lighting, and it’s brought to your Roswell home by Lutron, a pioneer in lighting control since the good old days. Read on to see how Lutron lighting control can enhance your wellness at home.