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Reimagine Your Lighting with LED Light Fixtures

LED Lighting Is Not Just about Efficiency

Reimagine Your Lighting with LED Light Fixtures

New technologies sometimes transform entire industries - or bury some and create new ones. LED technology has transformed many industries. It replaced bulky CRT based monitors for computers, led to brilliant, efficient, and lighter laptops, is steadily replacing analog instruments and all types of lights in automobiles, and has revolutionized TV screens.

In home lighting, LED technology may not create a total revolution, as your house will still look like a house. But LED light fixtures in homes lend new flexibility in lighting design, last much longer than other lights, and of course, are far more efficient for your Atlanta home. 

Let's take a look at a few ways you can use LED lighting to rethink the light in your home.

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The Kitchen

Kitchens are the hub of most homes, a place not only for food preparation but homework, projects, entertaining, and practically any activity that benefits from expansive counters and a kitchen table. A well-lit kitchen is a happier kitchen.

What are all the ways to light a kitchen? In general, go bright. If you have an island, consider hanging pendants over it. These are likely to be one of the most used lights in the kitchen. Give them enough brightness, and make them dimmable as well as automated with a lighting control system

Under counters, a new type of light made possible by LED technology offers advantages. Many homes have under-counter lights using halogen bulbs. These are fine but use a fair amount of power and generate quite a bit of heat at their brightest setting. LED light strips can replace those with brilliant light that runs cool and doesn't make the kitchen any hotter than needed. They are also dimmable, and many of these are color capable. For fun, you could use color in the kitchen at night for nightlights or a holiday. With tunable LED lighting, you can also adjust the intensity and hue of lighting to better conform to natural rhythms. Light up your kitchen with brighter, bluer light by day, and warmer, yellow and red tones as the day wears on. You’ll feel more energized by day and more ready for sleep at night.


In bedrooms, the windows and orientation can play a role in how you think about illumination. Take a dark master bedroom and use a layered approach to make anyone forget that it's dark. Use up-lights in dark corners, bedside lamps for reading, a pair of sconces astride the fireplace, and of course, a central chandelier for elegance. You can also use dimmable LED cans in ceilings that can go bright for cleaning or getting ready in the morning, while the other lighting adds the ambiance.


What's worse than a dark bathroom? We're joking, but unfortunately, many bathrooms are not illuminated well. Women, for example, need good lighting for skincare and makeup. You don't want to use purely overhead lighting that may cast shadows; consider wall-mounted sconces mounted around people's height. Another novel idea is LED strips under counters, which make them appear to float. Add automation to them via motion activation for a gentle nightlight in the middle of the night. And don’t forget to give showers lighting love - many are too dark. Bright LED fixtures are the perfect solution to the dark shower.

 If your family never turns off bathroom lights, motion sensors coupled with lighting control can take care of keeping things green. Put lights on a schedule or turn them off when the room is unoccupied. Lighting control can do the same for the rest of the house, too.


GHT Group has recently added lighting design services to our repertoire of smart home skills. Can we help you reimagine your lighting? To learn more, contact us here or click the chatbox below to connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you!

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