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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sony 8K TV Now

Why Wait to Enjoy Next Generation Picture Quality?

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sony 8K TV Now

The world has not gone entirely 4K yet, and here we are talking about 8K already! You know that 4K resolution was an important step in improving picture quality. Today, there is no reason to buy a new TV or projector with only 1080p resolution, as 4K technology can improve high-definition content as well as give you a vivid and realistic picture with content mastered for the newer format.

In the consumer technology world, technology doesn’t stand still. 8K TVs are already for sale from leading manufacturers such as Sony. Should you buy one? It may well depend on your predilections. If you are a late adopter that prefers to invest in new technology after it's been out in the market and mainstream, you may not be interested at this point. But if you like having the latest technology and capabilities, and you genuinely enjoy buying the best you can get, then there are compelling reasons to dip into the world of 8K viewing today.

Keep reading to see why a Sony 8K TV could be smart investment right now for your Atlanta, GA media or living room.

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Upscale Everything to 8K

As in so much of digital technology, processing power is critical. Today’s TVs perform heavy processing on images, having to deal with motion, color processing, and compatibility with a variety of standards for HDR, color gamut capability, and more. Raw processing power with sophisticated firmware is key to achieving the best picture quality.

The great thing about 8K TVs - like Sony’s Master Series Z9G – is that they employ the most powerful processing available today. That means anything you watch is going to be sharper, more vivid, and realistic. With an 8K panel, every video signal gets upscaled to 8K. You might ask, isn’t upscaling not as good as a native 8K signal? Of course, content mastered for the resolution will always give you the best picture. But with high-end TVs from Sony, the processing is so good you may not notice the difference! Your 1080p content will look fantastic, and 4K content will resemble 8K - utterly lifelike. 

Sony’s 8K X-Reality Pro processing even uses artificial intelligence techniques to analyze the image in real-time and optimizes the content. The result is on-the-fly optimization of the picture and the best contrast, color, and brightness for your content.

Go Big and Sit Closer

The other wonderful fact about higher resolution is that it lets us sit closer to the screen. Higher resolution makes it harder for the human eye to detect pixels, so you can sit closer to the screen and be immersed and not distracted by dots or lines. As 4K changed recommended viewing distances, so will 8K. Want to view an 85-inch screen from 6 feet away? Why not – you’ll have the flexibility.

8K Content

You might be wondering whether 8K content actually exists, and it does. In 2016, the Japanese station NHK was the first to broadcast in 8K via satellite. This year, 8K broadcasting comes to the Tokyo Olympics. Closer to home, the Vimeo video site has thousands of videos shot in 8K, and so does YouTube. But remember, you don’t need 8K content to enjoy the incredible picture now; the upscaling capability of the Sony 8K TVs is that good.


Are you ready to step up to the realism of a Sony 8K TV? Visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or just click the button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to showing you the best TVs you can buy today.

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