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Articles in Category: Outdoor Home Theater

An outdoor home theater lets you enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports outdoors, day or night! Explore the latest options here.

How to Put Together an Outdoor Home Theater

Part 77 of a 102-Part Series

How to Put Together an Outdoor Home Theater

OK, we’re only joking here; we are nowhere near 77 articles on the subject of outdoor home theaters. However, it is a subject we love to write about, as few things bring as much pleasure as watching a good flick under the stars on a warm evening.

In this installment, we will show you how to put together a budget-friendly system for relatively impromptu home theater sessions on the patio. Unlike other options we've discussed in the past, it's not a permanent setup, but one that can be put up and put away reasonably quickly. What's more, this setup's components can also pull double duty indoors, like in a kids-oriented game room. 

Intrigued by this idea for your Roswell, GA home? Let's dive into what you'll need.

Miss the Drive-In? Build an Outdoor Home Theater!

Enjoy Movies Under the Stars, No Car Needed

Miss the Drive-In? Build an Outdoor Home Theater!

We love a home theater, whether it's indoors in a dedicated space, or outside. Like an indoor home theater, your outdoor home theater can be anything you want it to be. For some, a proper home theater indoors is a dedicated space with a giant screen, a great sound system, and comfortable seating. Or it can be a media room with the audio and video chops that also pull duty as a game room or living area.

An outdoor home theater for your Alpharetta, GA home can be much the same. GHT Group has dedicated solutions that are more theater-focused and outdoor entertainment systems that you can use as your own outdoor drive-in, minus the cars. Let’s explore some options below - it’s easier than you think!

Introducing an Exciting New Option for Your Outdoor Home Theater

Samsung’s New Terrace TV Brings Superb QLED Picture Quality Outside

Introducing an Exciting New Option for Your Outdoor Home Theater

As a recovering home theater company, we love to talk about home theaters. And when the weather is warm, we love talking about moving the home theater outside. After all, now that drive-ins are practically extinct, how else can we enjoy summer movie nights under the stars?

We are only joking about the recovering part – we are still very much into home theaters! GHT Group is always excited to bring you new options for outdoor technology, and you can even see and experience many of them at our Marietta showroom. Recently, Samsung announced its first foray into outdoor TV, with the new Terrace line. What makes it perfect for an outdoor home theater setup at your Brookhaven, GA home? We’re going to cover that below!

5 Great Movies to Watch Under the Stars in Your Outdoor Home Theater

These Classics Will Never Stop Entertaining Your Family

5 Great Movies to Watch Under the Stars in Your Outdoor Home Theater

The health crisis has kept us inside quite a bit, and you may be itching for more fresh air and a change of scenery. Fortunately, the situation is improving, and while restrictions are easing, it’s safe to say not everything is going back to the old normal that quickly.

We suggest creating your own entertainment venue in your backyard – an outdoor home theater. As the weather warms, you can move family movie nights outdoors under the stars. And some of our suggested solutions work quite well in broad daylight too, like giant flat-panel Séura outdoor TVs and the incomparable Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

We’ve discussed these fantastic options before, but for fun, we want to remind you of a few wonderful modern classic films the whole family can enjoy on the outdoor big-screen entertainment system. Ready for warm outdoor movie nights at home in Atlanta under the Georgia stars? Keep reading.