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Articles tagged with: Home Audio System

3 Critical Features to Look for in a Whole Home Audio System

What You Need to Enjoy Great Sound Everywhere

3 Critical Features to Look for in a Whole Home Audio System

Are you considering a whole-home audio system for your Rosemary Beach home? You may be in a quandary as to how to choose the right solution for you. After all, whole-home audio can be had as simply as buying several Amazon Echo or Google speakers for each space in your home.

While that may be one answer, it’s only one of many. You’ll want to carefully evaluate your multiroom audio system across various criteria, including audio quality, accessibility and ease of use, and variety of content. While there are many criteria you can and should consider for your Florida home, we've narrowed down three here that you should absolutely think though. Ready to learn more? Please keep reading!

Four Reasons People Love Sonos for Multi-room Audio Systems

Start with Easy Control of Every Speaker in your Home

Four Reasons People Love Sonos for Multi-room Audio Systems

It's likely that if someone mentions multi-room audio, the Sonos name invariably comes up. The company has made a reputation for itself with simplified audio solutions that sound great, look stylish, and are easy to live with. And not only do they work in one room, but it's also effortless to build a houseful of Sonos audio in perfect synchrony. 

Is a Sonos multiroom system right for your Atlanta, GA home? That's what we're here to discuss! Please read on for four reasons people love Sonos whole-house audio. 

What’s New in McIntosh Audio?

Blending Digital New and Analog Old, McIntosh Delivers Pure Audio Enjoyment

What’s New in McIntosh Audio?

In the technology world, some companies succeed wildly for some time only to fade away when confronted with changes and new competitors. Others manage to survive great shifts in their industry. Remember DEC in minicomputers? How about Packard and Studebaker automobiles? These once great companies faded, were absorbed into others, or disappeared. 

Some companies manage to transcend technological and industry change and continue to thrive. McIntosh Audio is one such brand. By continuing to focus on delivering a high-end audio experience, they manage to continue succeeding with products that offer old-fashioned analog performance with new-fangled digital technology essential for today’s audio. Today’s McIntosh continues to make built-like-a-tank amplifiers for which it is renowned, along with newer lifestyle products and automotive audio systems for luxury brands. As a proud McIntosh dealer in Atlanta, GHT Group is pleased to display McIntosh products in our 20,000 square foot Marietta showroom. 

So, what’s new in Mcintosh audio? Keep reading to find out about three new products you may want on your holiday wish list!

Want a Multiroom Speaker System You Can Hear But Not See?

Discover the Latest in Discreet Architectural Speakers from Sonance

Want a Multiroom Speaker System You Can Hear But Not See?

Do you love great sound but love home style and décor just as much? You're not alone. No matter how beautifully styled and finished a speaker might be, you’d rather not have to look at one. Fortunately, architectural (built-in) speakers have filled that need for many with a vast array of choices that can be neatly tucked into walls and ceilings.

But let's say you're even more of a stickler on aesthetics. You don't even want to notice the speaker grill on the wall or ceiling. Rather than call you difficult, Sonance – one of the audio industry's longtime pioneers and leaders in architectural audio – decide to create a speaker solution even you could love. Actually, there are two solutions – the Sonance Invisible Series and the James Small Aperture Series. If you are looking for a practically invisible, high-performance multiroom speaker system for your Cumming, Georgia home, you’ll want to read more about these below!