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3 Things You Might Not Know About Focal Speakers

Focal is a Speaker Company that Does Things a Little Differently

3 Things You Might Not Know About Focal Speakers

Focal is a French speaker company that does things differently, much like other things French. If you’ve ever driven a Citroen, you might understand what we mean. Electronics today are built around supply chains, and a company can assemble a product from start to finish with off-the-shelf parts, contract design and manufacturing, and slap a brand name on it. Focal, however, eschews that approach.

There’s no shortage of high-end speaker companies in today’s audio market. Some have remained independent and true to their origins, while others have branched out into more lifestyle-oriented audio products. Focal has also expanded into areas like personal and automotive audio, but they have managed to stay true to their heritage and their way of building products. Keep reading below for four ways Focal speakers are different and what they bring to your Atlanta, GA, listening experience. 

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Made in France

Focal hi-fi speakers aren’t designed in France and made overseas. They are designed and built at their St. Etienne, France facilities. It’s not just about manufacturing the final product either. They hand-build 80% of the driver cones for the speakers. They are also serious about the manufacturing process and have custom-made machines specifically designed for their manufacturing. Stringent about quality control, they test every speaker twice. They do it with equipment to ensure it means specifications, and by the human ear, to ensure they meet the ultimate specification of sounding great. 

Acoustic Research

Few companies do their own research anymore in electronics and technology products. Focal is an exception, and it shows in the innovations they develop. They have done extensive research with exotic materials like Kevlar and Beryllium to develop low mass, rigid drivers with superior performance characteristics. Other innovations like the Tuned Mass Damper adapts technology used in racing cars to decrease resonance and distortion in their drivers. 

Custom Cabinetry

Many high-end speaker companies design beautiful speakers with excellent finishes, but few can equal the level of Focal. They have their own dedicated cabinet-making facility in the Burgundy region staffed by skilled French craftsmen, experts in fine woods and finishes. The curved and stacked style of speakers like Utopia and Sopra show attention to design and detail a level above the norm in the audio industry. 


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