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From our two showrooms to custom installations, Georgia Home Theater is your source for home audio systems. Find out more through our ongoing blog series.

Do You Know How to Listen to Your Home Audio System?  Do You Know How to Listen to Your Home Audio System?

Exploring 3 Elements of Critical Listening

We know the great feeling we get when listening to good music. In this case, good music is whatever you like to listen to. One person's idea of captivating music is another's cacophony. It doesn't matter what you like; you know the rapturous feeling you experience when you hear it.

Yet music isn’t only about the emotional response. Critical listening on a high-fidelity home audio system can give you an entirely new appreciation of your favorite music or even music you're exploring as something new.

So, what is critical listening, and how can it increase your music enjoyment in your Buckhead, GA home? Let’s explore three key elements below.

Georgia Home Theater Now Offers Klipsch Heritage Series Speakers Georgia Home Theater Now Offers Klipsch Heritage Series Speakers

How to Get That Concert Sound in your Home Audio System

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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Do you enjoy live music? Do you like to frequent venues like the Terminal West, Variety Playhouse, Tabernacle or the Coca-Cola Roxy? Do you like the way you can feel the music in those places, experiencing it in a way that is difficult to reproduce at home?

The volume, the dynamics, and the raw, unvarnished nature of the performance – after all it is live – make for memorable experiences. If you prize that feeling, there indeed are home audio systems that can approximate that experience for you at your home in the Atlanta area. But some can do it better than others. 

Georgia Home Theater recently partnered with Klipsch, one of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers, to bring their classic Heritage Series to the Metro Atlanta area. The Heritage line harkens back to the days when founder Paul Klipsch designed all the speakers himself, and they were built by hand.

What makes Klipsch Heritage Series speakers unique?  Read on to learn more. 

Georgia Home Theater Product Review: McIntosh MA252 Georgia Home Theater Product Review: McIntosh MA252

McIntosh’s First Hybrid Integrated Amplifier Will Boost Your Home Audio System

Vacuum tube vs. solid state amplification is one of the biggest debates for music enthusiasts, and people usually fall into one of the two camps. But pitting these amplification technologies against each other is unnecessarily restrictive, and McIntosh has realized the potential of a system that merges the two with the McIntosh MA252, the company’s first hybrid integrated amplifier.

This high-demand piece of technology has been back ordered for a long time, but we at Georgia Home Theater have the item in stock at both of our Atlanta-area showrooms. In our opinion, it's shaping up to be an iconic piece of gear within the McIntosh suite of luxury high-end audio products.

Read on to learn more about why a McIntosh MA252 is the perfect addition to the home audio system in your Alpharetta-area house.