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Georgia Home Theater Now Offers Klipsch Heritage Series Speakers

How to Get That Concert Sound in your Home Audio System

Georgia Home Theater Now Offers Klipsch Heritage Series Speakers

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Do you enjoy live music? Do you like to frequent venues like the Terminal West, Variety Playhouse, Tabernacle or the Coca-Cola Roxy? Do you like the way you can feel the music in those places, experiencing it in a way that is difficult to reproduce at home?

The volume, the dynamics, and the raw, unvarnished nature of the performance – after all it is live – make for memorable experiences. If you prize that feeling, there indeed are home audio systems that can approximate that experience for you at your home in the Atlanta area. But some can do it better than others. 

Georgia Home Theater recently partnered with Klipsch, one of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers, to bring their classic Heritage Series to the Metro Atlanta area. The Heritage line harkens back to the days when founder Paul Klipsch designed all the speakers himself, and they were built by hand.

What makes Klipsch Heritage Series speakers unique?  Read on to learn more. 


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Classic Design and Build Quality

In an era of mass automated manufacturing of audio components in the Far East and Asia, Klipsch Heritage speakers are still hand-built in the U.S. in Hope, Arkansas, just like the originals. The cabinets feature exotic wood finishes like Australian walnut, and some models can even be custom ordered with unique finishes. 

The design of the Heritage models have been only slightly modified from the originals, and if you like classic architecture and design – like mid-century homes and furnishings – this speaker series is made for you. The top model, the Klipschorn, was designed by Paul Klipsch to reproduce the sound of a live orchestra performance in his living room. It is the only loudspeaker in the world to be in continuous production for over 65 years, which is a testament to the engineering behind it.


Classic Horn Technology

One of the distinguishing features of Klipsch speakers is their use of horn-loaded drivers. Horns are used primarily for midrange and tweeter drivers (and the bass drivers in the high-end models); as opposed to a typical conical driver, the horn design can achieve greater sound volume with much less amplifier power. Horn drivers are commonly used in public address systems, movie theater systems (many of them by Klipsch) and stadiums, where high volume and audio quality is required. 

What does it do for Klipsch Heritage speakers? Horn drivers are very efficient, in that they don’t need massive power to produce high undistorted volume. Klipsch Heritage speakers can create very high sound levels with modest amplifier power, while they will also sound even more dynamic with high power amplification.




A Full Line for Many Spaces and Budgets

The Heritage Series is the pinnacle of the Klipsch speaker line. It is available in a range of models from the compact Heresy to the Klipschorn, which are uniquely designed to go in room corners without compromise to their performance. There are even wireless powered models that bring the unique Klipsch sound to smaller spaces like an office or bedroom.



At the end of the day, the most important reason why you choose one speaker over another is the way it sounds. All models in the Klipsch Heritage Series line, from the Heresy III to the Klipschorn, are designed to deliver that live concert sound. The horn design makes for spirited, engaging music that feels like you are there with the band or the orchestra. Reviewer Steve Gutenberg remarked that listening to the Heresy was akin to driving a 60’s muscle car like the Pontiac GTO, a visceral experience that was immense fun. Isn’t that what a great music experience is all about?


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We have several Klipsch Heritage Series speakers on display at our Marietta experience center, including the Klipschhorn, Cornwall, Forte and Heresy.


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