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Articles in Category: Klipsch Dealer Buckhead, GA

GHT Group is Buckhead, GA and the Atlanta area’s premier Klipsch dealer and showroom for hi-fi and multichannel audio systems. Call us at (770) 955-8909 for your custom AV needs.

Product Overview: The New Klipsch Heresy IV

Available only at GHT Group, the Atlanta Area’s Exclusive Klipsch Heritage Dealer

Product Overview: The New Klipsch Heresy IV

Klipsch is a company on a roll. Of late, they have been introducing new products that deliver excellent audio performance at a variety of price points, from the ultra-affordable to the high end. It’s also safe to say that when it comes to the high end, Klipsch offers exceptional sound quality that rivals speakers costing much more. 

The Klipsch Heritage line represents the best speakers Klipsch has to offer. It includes the Klipschorn, the only speaker in audio that has been in continuous production for over 70 years. In the past few months, Klipsch updated the Cornwall, another classic with decades of history. And now, Klipsch is re-booting the Heresy, the most affordable entry point into the Klipsch Heritage line.

If you’re looking to upgrade the sound of your hi-fi stereo, but you aren’t looking for a large speaker, the fourth edition of the Klipsch Heresy should be on your shortlist. GHT Group is proud to be Atlanta's exclusive Klipsch Heritage dealer, and you can check out the entire line at our Marietta showroom, only a short drive from Buckhead, GA.

What’s new about the revamped Klipsch Heresy IV? Read on for the details.