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Upgrade your home’s illumination with LED lights and fixtures for style, efficiency, and features you can’t get with any other lighting. Learn more here.

5 Important Advantages of LED Light Fixtures to Know About 5 Important Advantages of LED Light Fixtures to Know About

From Efficiency to Longevity, LED Lighting Is Several Steps Ahead

GHT Group is bullish on LED lighting, and if you have spent any time reading our blogs on the subject, you'd have a reasonably good understanding of why. They're efficient, flexible, highly controllable, and much more.

A very effective manager we once knew lived by this adage: Tell them, tell them again, and tell them that you told them. In the spirit of this messaging style, we’re going to recap here five of the most important reasons why we think LED light fixtures are a brilliant (pun intended) investment for your Atlanta, GA home. We invite you to peruse our other blogs about LED lighting for even more reasons!

Do You Have These Essential Smart Lighting Scenes in Your Home? Do You Have These Essential Smart Lighting Scenes in Your Home?

Use Your LED Light Fixtures and Lighting Control System to Create Scenes Personalized to Your Lifestyle

Did you know that you can program your home lighting to fit your mood, activities, routines, and schedules? With dimmable LED light fixtures and a centralized control platform from Lutronyou can activate multiple lighting settings with one-touch control on a smartphone, touchscreen tablet, or custom wall keypad. 

A pre-programmed scene instantly sets your lighting components to the color temperature and intensity you desire for a particular mood or activity. Scenes have the potential to simplify so many daily activities — why walk around the house at night, turning off stray lights, when you can press one button on your phone and shut them down from bed?

It’s time to explore how lighting scenes can enhance your unique lifestyle in Atlanta, GA! Keep reading to learn four must-have lighting scenes at home. 

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