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Home automation is not a mere luxury. Discover the benefits in comfort, safety, security, and efficiency that smart automation brings to your home.

6 Home Automation Ideas for Smarter Living in Buckhead 6 Home Automation Ideas for Smarter Living in Buckhead

Live Smarter, Not Harder

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Buckhead, GA, widely thought of as Atlanta’s premier neighborhood, life is better than in most places. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some routine and monotony out of life with the help of smart home automation. They say work smarter, not harder, right? Smart home technology lets you live smarter! 

There is a long, long list of what you can do with home automation to make your life easier and have time for things that matter. In the interest of brevity, we’ll detail six of our favorites below for better living through automation. 

3 Home Automation Trends to Watch in 2021 3 Home Automation Trends to Watch in 2021

These Accelerating Trends Will Go into Warp Speed

Home automation, smart homes, connected devices: whatever you might want to call this set of technologies, they are as inexorable a trend as the smartphone revolution. Scarcely a day goes by without another smart device introduction from companies large and small.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, it’s always a good time to make some fearless prognostications on what will be big in home automation for 2021. But we're not going to take big chances on predictions in this blog; the trends we see are already here and will accelerate even more sharply in 2021. What are they, and how might they affect your Atlanta, GA home? Keep reading below.

How Home Automation Earns its ROI How Home Automation Earns its ROI

The Case for Home Automation

Is home automation merely a luxury? We would be the first to assert that it's not a necessity for your home. But contemporary society does adjust quickly to modern technology – after all, how many of us want to give up our mobile phone? How about your refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine?

All of the things we mentioned above were once luxuries which are now standard equipment of today's world. And all those devices had a profound influence on shaping modern lifestyles.

Will home automation have the same level of impact as these standards of modern life? We think that ultimately the answer is yes, which is why we also believe that home automation technology is a smart investment for your Buckhead, GA home right now – financially and otherwise. Read how below.

Home Automation, Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know Home Automation, Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know

Keeping Your Activity Secure

In this highly connected world we live in, much of what we do is tracked. No one is lurking in the shadows snapping pictures of us like in old detective shows, but it’s far easier than that. Your smartphone tracks your location continuously, and a variety of apps for which you grant access to your information knows where you go and where you’ve been.

Now, most of you already know that much of your activity is being watched. Your browsing history is used to target advertising. Your Facebook activity is a fountain of information that may understand more about you than you do. Google and Apple Maps know where you go, by car and on foot. Yet, there's a tradeoff we make for sharing all this information. We get some beneficial, dependable, and free services like navigation around Brookhaven and Atlanta and just about anywhere in the world (remember when navigation devices cost hundreds of dollars?) and a host of other free information services we use without a second thought.

What does that have to do with home automation? Plenty. Keep reading for more.

How Home Automation Can Make This Period Easier How Home Automation Can Make This Period Easier

While Spending More Time at Home, Let Automation Help with Comfort, Security, and Efficiency

As we all know, the current COVID-19 health crisis has presented significant challenges to everyone. With Georgia now officially under stay-at-home orders, home life has all family members under one roof pursuing typical activities at the same time – work, school, entertainment, and staying in touch with friends and family.

This time may bring about some new stresses on home life, but we have some technology solutions that may help. GHT Group has always maintained that smart home automation offers a variety of important benefits in various areas, including security and safety, comfort, efficiency, and even wellness. If you have some aspects of smart home technology in your home, you may already appreciate that. If you don’t, we have some solutions that you can consider to make this time a little easier. GHT Group is still open for business and available to help with your home technology needs.

How can home automation help with this period in your Johns Creek, GA home? Read on for some ideas.

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