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A custom home theater can provide entertainment for years. Hire a professional home theater company like GHT Group for your Atlanta-area home today!

Three Things Every Home Theater Needs

And None of Them Have Anything to Do with Visuals or Sound!

Three Things Every Home Theater Needs

Home theaters are all about an immersive entertainment experience. Settling into a comfortable seat, dimming the lights, and watching a movie or show on the huge screen while enveloping sound draws you into that state of suspended reality the film creators love to fashion. 

Behind that immersive experience are some things that may not be front and center but are part of the infrastructure that enables it, the way that the Mid-Bay Bridge gets you across the bay to enjoy some of the Destin area's Florida Gulf beaches. It's the type of hidden tech that professional home theater companies always install but you may not always think about. So what are these unsung heroes that make a home theater tick? Please read more below. 

Why You Need a Home Theater Company with Lighting Expertise

Illuminate Your Cinema with Intuitive Lighting Control That Responds to a Tap

Why You Need a Home Theater Company with Lighting Expertise

Watch your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more on the big screen in the comfort of your own home with a dedicated private cinema. A home theater system will change how you view entertainment and take family movie night to the next level. However, if you are looking for an integrator to bring your home theater to life, you need a company that specializes in both home theater technology and lighting design.

Learn why you need to work with a home theater company that is also an expert in lighting design when adding a private cinema to your home in Marietta, GA.

Popular Options to Consider for Your Home Theater

Spice Up Your Home Cinema with These Features

Popular Options to Consider for Your Home Theater

Home theaters should be considered multi-use entertainment spaces - more than simply a room for watching movies. Yes, they’re great for viewing your favorite films or a new release, but they are also perfect for watching sports on the big screen, gaming, binge-watching a series, and entertaining friends while watching events. 

Home theater design can run the gamut from sleek ultra-modern to a traditional movie palace. Regardless of the style, we have a few ideas that can help your home cinema be a more entertaining, comfortable, and fun space. While you can use various contractors to add these features, we suggest hiring a knowledgeable and experienced home theater company (like GHT Group) to put it all together in your Vinings, GA, home. Keep reading to learn more about our top recommendations. 

Three Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Add a Home Theater

Summer Movie Nights Are Just the Start

Three Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Add a Home Theater

Are you still on the fence about home theater? Did you buy a house with the perfect bonus room for it but can’t decide between converting it into an exercise room or home theater? We’re not going to dissuade you from exercising more, but we can make the case that you will get a lot of use from your home theater. 

There may have been a time when home theaters made more sense for movies than anything else. But that was long ago, when TV was low resolution, surround sound wasn’t common, and the only content that really took advantage of big screens and great audio was movies. Today, we have 4K streaming, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and incredible video processing that makes older content look like it’s ultra-high definition too. 

A home theater can be your entertainment central for everything related to audio and video. And summer is a great time to enjoy it, with kids on vacation and families kicking back to enjoy more fun together. All you need is a knowledgeable home theater company like GHT Group to design and build it! To help you get off the fence and get started, here are three ways you and your family can enjoy your home cinema in Sandy Springs, GA.