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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Lighting Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Lighting

How an Outdoor Lighting Company Brings Out the Beauty at Night

Transform the nighttime ambiance of your Rosemary Beach home with the magic touch of an outdoor lighting company. With the latest advancements in lighting technology, you can now control the intensity and color of your landscape lighting, creating a captivating spectacle that enhances the beauty of your home and surroundings.

As an outdoor lighting company, we're not suggesting you turn your home into a flashy spectacle reminiscent of a Las Vegas strip. Instead, we're talking about tastefully using light and color to paint a stunning nightscape that complements the natural beauty of your Florida home. Please keep reading below to learn more about the latest outdoor lighting features. 

4 Essential Front Yard Areas That Need Landscape Lighting 4 Essential Front Yard Areas That Need Landscape Lighting

Work with Our Landscape Lighting Company to Effectively Illuminate Your Home

Landscape lighting makes an impactful addition to your property. When designed well, a landscape lighting system can boost curb appeal and help your home stand out among the rest in Alys Beach, FL.

While it’s fun to get creative with how you light up your home, our landscape lighting company recommends installing lighting to bolster safety first. Then you can expand your system to add unique beauty to your property! Below, learn four essential front yard areas that require light for safety.

Avoid These 4 Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes Avoid These 4 Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes

Focusing on the End Goals for Your Dream Nightscape

With many home projects, a homeowner may see an ad for a specific product, which triggers hours of research into many different products and solutions for the next home improvement investment. While undeniably useful, we tell clients to avoid "rabbit holes" in product study and focus on what they would like for a result.

As one of Atlanta’s oldest and best purveyors of home theaters, GHT Group often sees home theater projects bogged down into the aspects of specific projectors, screens, and sound systems. We like to start with the space and work it from there, rather than design a theater around a particular product.

With landscape lighting design, we like to work the same way. Let's start with your vision and your landscape and work from there. Of course, we can always incorporate a specific product or brand, but it should be done with an eye to enhancing the end result. Keep reading to learn how to "see the forest for the trees" (clever, no?) in your Atlanta home's landscape design.

Why Good Landscape Lighting Design Is Important Why Good Landscape Lighting Design Is Important

How Lighting Makes the Most of Your Home After the Sun Goes Down

Many Roswell homeowners spend significant sums on landscaping for their homes. As fall settles into Georgia and the weather turns, you may be looking at cleaning up your landscape and changing out summer plants for hardier fall and winter varieties, like colorful violas, cabbages, and kales. 

While many homeowners love to do some of their own gardening or have their gardener manage the seasonal changes, surprisingly, not enough attention is paid to the landscape lighting design. In some cases, very little or basic lighting is applied, missing opportunities to add both aesthetic and safety benefits after the sun fades. 

As we move into fall and winter and shorter days, now is the perfect time to consider landscape lighting projects to make the most of the beauty of your outdoor areas. Keep reading to see how. 

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How to Design Landscape Lighting for Increased Security How to Design Landscape Lighting for Increased Security

Increase Safety in Your Outdoor Areas for You and Your Visitors

Intuitively we know that a well-lit place is safer than a dark one. However, we don’t want the outside of our homes to look like Fremont Street in Las Vegas. It might be safer overall, but no one really wants their house to be like a beacon in the dark. In some communities, dark sky ordinances will also limit how brightly you can light your outdoor areas.

Landscape lighting design may have several objectives. You want certain outdoor areas to be usable with attractive lighting. You may have entries, paths, and driveways that you want to be illuminated for safety. And you may want lighting that adds aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home and property. 

These objectives don’t have to be at odds with each other. In this blog, we’ll focus on safety and some ways to think about it. Keep reading for ideas on using landscape and outdoor lighting for a safer property in Brookhaven, GA.

Enhance Your Stay-at-Home Experience and Safety With Lighting Enhance Your Stay-at-Home Experience and Safety With Lighting

Beautify Your Buckhead Home with a Landscape Lighting Installation

Note: We originally wrote this blog in 2018, long before anyone started talking about this novel coronavirus that affects so many lives now. Now more than ever, it feels relevant to discuss how we can make our outdoor spaces more enjoyable for our families. And when this pandemic passes, we will finally get to enjoy our outdoor lighting and video with extended groups of people once again.

Many people know about Coastal Source’s many outdoor audio options but don’t know that it’s also a premier home lighting design provider. In this blog, we’ll remind you of the beauty and functionality built into outdoor lighting and why you should prioritize it for your Georgia home. You’ll learn how a Coastal Source system can highlight your architecture so that passers-by can appreciate it on their nightly walks through the neighborhood. You’ll also discover why lighting control is a key safety feature. Keep reading to explore why lighting and audio are even more important today than when we originally wrote this article.

4 Tips for a Safe Fall Season with Landscape Lighting 4 Tips for a Safe Fall Season with Landscape Lighting

Enhance Outdoor Beauty and Safety with a Landscape Lighting Installation

We’re in the middle of summer in Atlanta, so why are we talking about fall? Before you know it, the days will be shorter and the evenings longer. We’ve discussed the benefits of landscape lighting, especially for entertaining in the warmer months, but outdoor lighting can pay big dividends all year long. 

They say a well-lit home is a safer home. Just as a city streetlight makes pedestrians feel safer and keeps villains away, installing landscape lighting on your Atlanta property can make it safer. Not only that, it can enhance curb appeal too, highlighting features at night and creating a whole new outdoor ambiance.

Read on to learn four ways landscape lighting can make your home safer as the daylight fades this fall season. 

What Makes Coastal Source the Premier Landscape Lighting System? What Makes Coastal Source the Premier Landscape Lighting System?

Make the Most of Your Home’s Landscape Lighting Installation

We've talked before how we at Georgia Home Theater like to work with the best brands in their categories, and we have a rich stable of brand partners in audio, video, and home control to prove it. Landscape lighting is no exception, and in that space, we work with Coastal Source. The company puts quality into every aspect of their products’ design and performance, and it’s a difference you can tell. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the company also offers high-performance outdoor audio solutions, but we’ll leave outdoor sound to a different blog.

If you haven’t installed landscape lighting for your Alpharetta-area home, you are missing out on an opportunity to enhance and beautify your property’s outdoor areas. Few investments add as much drama, flair, and utility to your property as much as lighting.

Let’s discuss some ways a landscape lighting installation can add distinctive appeal to your Georgia home. Read on for more.

Accentuate Your Home’s Design with Coastal Source Lighting Accentuate Your Home’s Design with Coastal Source Lighting

Beautify Your Buckhead Home with a Landscape Lighting Installation

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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When it comes to home lighting, how much have you thought about the exterior of your house? We get it. Most people want to make sure that they have the perfect lighting indoors, but outdoor lighting plays a significant role in making your home more beautiful and more functional.

Your outdoor space transforms at night. Consider your garden. When the sun goes down, it looks different. It sounds different. It becomes a new place, and it’s one that you can take advantage of with a landscape lighting installation. You’ll get greater value out of your home while also adding safety and security to your property, and we work with Coastal Source to bring weatherproof, high-performance outdoor lighting and audio solutions to homeowners in the Buckhead area and throughout North Georgia.

Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of a landscape lighting installation for your property.