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What Makes Coastal Source the Premier Landscape Lighting System?

Make the Most of Your Home’s Landscape Lighting Installation

What Makes Coastal Source the Premier Landscape Lighting System?

We've talked before how we at GHT Group like to work with the best brands in their categories, and we have a rich stable of brand partners in audio, video, and home control to prove it. Landscape lighting is no exception, and in that space, we work with Coastal Source. The company puts quality into every aspect of their products’ design and performance, and it’s a difference you can tell. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the company also offers high-performance outdoor audio solutions, but we’ll leave outdoor sound to a different blog.

If you haven’t installed landscape lighting for your Alpharetta-area home, you are missing out on an opportunity to enhance and beautify your property’s outdoor areas. Few investments add as much drama, flair, and utility to your property as much as lighting.

Let’s discuss some ways a landscape lighting installation can add distinctive appeal to your Georgia home. Read on for more.

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Enhance the Best Features

Don't let the night hide your best outside features. Compact wash lights can light up trees or notable external walls. An outdoor sculpture can be made dramatic with an up light. Upward firing wash lights can also add visual height to your home as it stands out. Bullet lights are useful for highlighting a special shrub or tree, or they can also cast a wider circle of light to shine on a unique part of your gardens.

Light a Safe Path

A landscape lighting installation can beautify and make your property safer at the same time. Dark stairs can be illuminated with step lights. Coastal Source step lights can be installed on the vertical rise of steps or along the side wall if there is one. What’s more inviting than lit steps? It also makes them much safer to navigate. Another way to light paths aesthetically is with niche lights. They have tremendous flexibility with installation, as they can be embedded in rustic stone or crushed granite paths or decks. Your imagination is the only limit.

Augmented Security and Safety

Well-lit areas are always more secure than dark ones. Your beautiful landscape lighting can ensure that potential intruders have fewer places to lurk outside your home. Path and entry lights ensure that there are no darkened entry points. If your home has an entry gate and a long driveway, strategic lighting can ensure guests can easily find your house and cars stay on the driveway and not run over lawns or landscapes.

The Coastal Source Difference

All outdoor lighting, by definition, should be made to withstand the outdoor elements. As in most products, some are better than others at this. Coastal Source, as the name implies, makes products that withstand coastal climates and the corrosive effects of sea air. But the quality goes far beyond that. Every Coastal Source fixture is entirely made of brass, including nuts, bolts, and stakes. The lights are completely sealed to keep out bugs, moisture, debris, and corrosion – everything the Metro Atlanta climate might throw at them.

Another unique feature setting Coastal Source lighting apart is the patented Coastal Connector. Connections are the primary cause of failure in outside lights because of moisture and corrosion. The Coastal Connector has eliminated the need to splice and waterproof wiring in outdoor installations. This proprietary connector creates an airtight and watertight connection that makes it easy to install and reconfigure outside lights that will last for years.


Additionally, when your Coastal Source landscape lighting system is installed by GHT Group – a certified Coastal Source dealer – you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on the brand’s transformers, fixtures and Coastal Connectors.


Are you ready to elevate your home’s outdoor landscape in the Alpharetta area with Coastal Source lighting? Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here or click the button below to connect with us right away; we look forward to showing you all the options!

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