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Articles in Category: Samsung Terrace TV

Samsung’s Terrace TV brings the best of Samsung’s class-leading TV technology to outdoor TV for the first time. Learn more here.

Samsung’s Terrace TV: Your New Outdoor Entertainment Hub

Rain or Shine, Samsung’s Terrace TV is Ready for Outdoor Fun

Samsung’s Terrace TV: Your New Outdoor Entertainment Hub

Once upon a time, the hearth (or fireplace) was the place where families gathered. In the 1950s, a new device became popular for doing the same, but it was far more entertaining than a fire – the TV. Some might lament the simplicity of days gone by, but there's no denying how important a communication and entertainment medium TV has become. 

We have some good news for gathering your family around the new hearth. Today’s outdoor TVs, like the Samsung Terrace TV, are an excellent way to spend time with family and friends and enjoy fresh air too. Samsung’s Terrace is particularly good at being a do-it-all entertainment hub for the outdoors. Keep reading below to see what the Samsung Terrace can bring to your Sandy Springs, GA home. 

Enjoy All Your Entertainment Outdoors with Samsung’s Terrace TV

The First Samsung Outdoor TV is an Entertainment Powerhouse

Enjoy All Your Entertainment Outdoors with Samsung’s Terrace TV

Florida’s temperate year-round weather is perfect for an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. Ok, so you might be wondering, what if I want a little TV entertainment on my patio and outdoors? Can I just use a regular TV outside? The short answer is you can, but it may not be safe or last long. Regular TVs simply aren't made to withstand the heat, cold, humidity, and wetness of outdoor environments. Did we mention insects? We all know we have those in Florida too, and they might want to camp out in an unprotected TV set. 

Fortunately, there are great outdoor TV options for your Rosemary Beach, FL home. One of our favorites is the recently introduced Samsung Terrace TV. Read more about it below!