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5 Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor TV Setup

Enjoy Entertainment, Socializing, and Fitness Outdoors

5 Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor TV Setup

GHT firmly believes that audio and video entertainment should not be limited to the interior confines of your house. Your favorite music and video entertainment should be set free, available outside for you at the click of a button. While many people enjoy audio and music outdoors in the relatively mild Georgia climate, we think outdoor TV provides another dimension to al fresco entertainment that will have you spending more much-needed time outside.

While we love to discuss equipment and other considerations for your outside entertainment in these blogs, for this discussion, we'd like to stoke your imagination a bit about what you can do with your outdoor TV in your Canton home. Please keep reading below!

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Summer Movie Nights

Summer evenings bring a little welcome coolness to the air. Why not enjoy the fresh air outside with your favorite movies? Schedule a family movie night with the kids, and maybe a romantic weekend one with your spouse or partner. You can choose a 75-inch  4K TV or an even larger size for a cinematic experience, as well as an outdoor soundbar or integration with a patio sound system (even surround) for even more immersion. Need some ideas for family movies? These five modern film classics never fail to entertain.


What’s better than grilling outside with a little entertainment? Whether your grill is on the patio or you have a full outdoor kitchen, an outdoor TV makes the food preparation more fun. If you entertain often, make your outdoor kitchen the best sports bar in the neighborhood with two TVs to keep tabs on multiple games. Sports is perfect for casual watching outdoors, whether catching a Braves game on a warm summer night or a Falcons game on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon.

Exercise and Fitness

You may have an indoor exercise room, or you may prefer the gym. Nevertheless, taking the fitness outside offers a refreshing change of pace. With a plethora of exercise-at-home options available from Peloton to YouTube, your outdoor TV could be your exercise coach outdoors. Do relaxing yoga, stretching, or meditation in the fresh air. Or take the adjustable weights outside and pump the iron al fresco. And if you complain to the TV coach, you know it won’t talk back.

Screen Casting

Some outdoor TVs like the Samsung Terrace smart TVs have screencasting capabilities like Apple Airplay built-in. If not, it's easy to add via popular streaming devices like Roku. With that capability, you can enjoy your personal media outdoors and enjoy the weather. Do family photos and videos from your collection from a nostalgia night. Have your kids introduce you to their world of TikTok videos on the big screen – or at least the ones they're willing to watch with you.

Work Outside

Many people use large 4K TVs in the home office as a second or third screen for work videos, presentations, and other material easier to see on a large screen. The screencasting capabilities we described above are great for work, too. Put the outdoor TV to work with a research video on the big screen while working through your email inbox. You can also cast your Zoom screen to see all the faces and the shared screen in a meeting while you take notes or look at other material on your laptop. Outdoor TVs are not just for entertainment anymore!


Expand your entertainment options outdoor with TV. GHT Group is your home technology expert that can walk you through all the options for outdoor entertainment. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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