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3 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Home Consultant 3 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Home Consultant

Navigating the Smart Home Labyrinth

It’s safe to say that the smart home revolution is in full swing. From advanced lighting control to immersive whole-home entertainment, the horizon of possibilities for the smart home seems boundless. But with such vast potential comes a myriad of choices. That's where the role of a smart home consultant becomes invaluable. If you're on the cusp of transforming your Atlanta abode with cutting-edge smart technology, here's why a consultant is your key to unlocking the perfect setup.

The Value of Partnering with a Home Automation Company The Value of Partnering with a Home Automation Company

Elevate Your Residential Projects with Smart Technology

As an architect, interior designer, or builder working on projects in Vestavia Hills, you're no stranger to the growing demand for smart homes in one of Alabama’s premier suburbs. The keyword in today's residential projects is "automation," and the market for home automation is expanding at an unprecedented rate. As a professional in the trade, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve and integrate smart home technology into your projects from the onset. That’s where a home automation company comes in. 

Partnering with a home automation company like GHT Group can significantly enhance the value of your projects in Vestavia Hills. With our expertise, you can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge home automation and entertainment systems into your designs, making your projects stand out in a competitive market. Please keep reading for four compelling reasons to work with us!

How to Add a Touch of Style to Your Control4 System How to Add a Touch of Style to Your Control4 System

Explore Flush-Mounted Solutions for Your Touchscreens, Keypads, and More

Wall-mounted control options are popular among homeowners since they are readily-available, customizable and easy to use – all in convenient locations throughout their homes. Our clients love that their Control4 system lets them manage lights, climate, music, and more without having to use a remote or a smartphone app. Everything is accessible on keypads or touchpads just a few feet away.

Interior design-conscious homeowners are understandably not as eager to fill their walls with gadgets. After all, it’s reasonable to think that a Control4 system can result in a lot of unseemly wall clutter throughout your Sandy Springs-area home. Not only do wall-mounted devices protrude from the wall, but frequently they're also a different color.

So, how can you enjoy the intuitive controls that a Control4 system offers without ruining your interior décor?

Enjoy the best of both worlds with flush-mount installations that help your in-wall controls camouflage seamlessly with their surroundings. Learn more about these solutions and the partners we at Georgia Home Theater work with to help homeowners achieve a more stylish smart home.