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Articles in Category: Klipsch Heritage Speakers

Klipsch Heritage speakers are the pinnacle of the company’s lineup. Learn more about these hi-fi speakers here.

Which Klipsch Heritage Speaker Is Right for You?

A Look at Three of Klipsch’s Best

Which Klipsch Heritage Speaker Is Right for You?

In the world of audio, Klipsch is a well-known name. The company has been around longer than most, started in 1946 by Paul Klipsch. Using the company’s own words, Klipsch was a genius, madman, and maverick who did things his own way.

Truth be told, in some high-fidelity audio circles, Klipsch is not the first name that comes to mind? Why? To some enthusiasts, Klipsch speakers do not reproduce completely neutral, analytically correct sound. As Paul Klipsch might say to them (he likely did, but we don't know for sure), get over it. Yes, other speaker brands may be more precise about how they reproduce sound. But the truth is that if you listen carefully with the right music, you will note subtle differences between speakers. Why? Because every good speaker manufacturer attempts to use something as a differentiator, whether it's custom exotic metal drivers or concentric tweeters, all in the quest for superior sound reproduction.

What does Klipsch do? They aim to reproduce the sound of the live performance in your listening room. It may not be the most analytically correct sound and may not be perfectly flat across the frequencies. Hardly any speaker achieves complete perfection in that sense. But what Klipsch delivers is unmistakable dynamics, excitement, and emotion in your music. And they do that with incredible efficiency, not requiring amplifiers that cost as much as a small car to deliver those dynamics.

Does that sound like something that makes you smile? Then keep reading below to see which Klipsch Heritage speaker might be right for your Milton, GA listening den.

The Pros Agree – Klipsch Heritage Speakers Are the Real Deal

See What Pro Reviewers Say about Klipsch Heritage

The Pros Agree – Klipsch Heritage Speakers Are the Real Deal

We love the Klipsch Heritage speaker line, and we've spilled a fair amount of digital ink about them on these blog pages. But, if you're an audio buff, it's not likely you're going to just take our word for it – even if we do have over 30 years in the audio biz serving Georgia customers from Canton to Atlanta.

While we think Klipsch Heritage presents extraordinary value in high-fidelity audio, it’s prudent to listen to what jaded audio reviewers – the people that listen to a host of products from many manufacturers – have to say about Klipsch Heritage. We’ve chosen a few of the best reviews to highlight here. Spoiler alert – they’re all good. If you want to skip the rest of the blog, come down to our Marietta showroom and listen for yourself. You might just end up taking home a pair! Wait, check that; Klipsch Heritage speakers are hand-built to order in the USA, and you can choose your book-matched veneer finish. OK, if you’ve read this far, you may as well read the rest of this; hopefully, you'll be even more convinced about how good the Klipsch Heritage line is.

Why Klipsch Heritage Speakers Should be on Your Hi-Fi Shopping List

Klipsch Heritage Speakers Are an Investment in Audio Bliss

Why Klipsch Heritage Speakers Should be on Your Hi-Fi Shopping List

We’ve waxed eloquently on these blog pages about Klipsch Heritage speakers. While Klipsch makes a wide array of speakers that includes everything from powered Bluetooth speakers to home theater to architectural to outdoor audio, the Heritage line is where all their audio know-how comes together. It's a classic approach to building great sound transducers, from the finishes to the drivers to the tuning by expert audio engineers.

If you’re looking for a new hi-fi speaker set, you know you have a vast array of choices. Whether it’s well-known brands like Monitor Audio or the boutique speaker makers that only market and sell online, it’s a daunting task to try to evaluate them all. Despite the sea of speakers, Klipsch still stands out from the pack. Explore three reasons below why you owe it to yourself to check out Klipsch Heritage speakers for your hi-fi system in Kennesaw, GA.

A Closer Look at Another Klipsch Heritage Speaker: La Scala AL5

Bring the Live Sound Home with the Klipsch La Scala

A Closer Look at Another Klipsch Heritage Speaker: La Scala AL5

Do you love the sound of live music? Do you like your music raw, unfiltered, and uncolored? Do you like to feel the music, with all its perfections and imperfections?

If so, you might be the right candidate for Klipsch Heritage speakers. No one ever called Klipsch speakers laid back, analytical, or unemotional. For an analogy in cars (because everyone seems to love them), it’s like comparing a Shelby GT500 to a Porsche 911. Both are fast, fun, and highly capable machines. But the current Porsche is a very refined car, and the Shelby GT500 is like an untamed beast only mildly suitable for street use. Klipsch Heritage speakers have all the in-your-face sonic bravura of the Shelby GT500, letting you feel the emotion in the music. Yet you will also discover that they are refined like the Porsche 911, so you can live with them day in and day out – something you may not want to do with the Shelby.

Keep reading to learn more about the La Scala AL5 to see if it’s right for your Duluth, GA, listening room. And if it’s not, there are four other Klipsch Heritage hi-fi speakers to check out too!