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GHT Group is a premier integrator of Crestron automation systems serving Santa Rosa Beach and the Florida Panhandle. Call us at (850) 529-4743. 

How a Crestron System Reimagines Your Home Experience How a Crestron System Reimagines Your Home Experience

Advanced Home Automation Made Simple

In this day and age of Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and many home automation devices, Crestron is a name you may not know. Yet before the internet or even high technology was a common term, Crestron was pioneering automation in both businesses and homes. Crestron was (and still is) a top choice in orchestrating automation in the largest residences and the most complex boardrooms across the country and the world.

Sometimes, with great power and flexibility comes a higher level of complexity. Crestron systems could do almost anything, but they required a high skill level to configure, program, and install. Crestron took the power inherent in the system and added a simplified layer that made it easier for integrators to deploy, and more importantly, far easier for homeowners to use and personalize. The result is Crestron Home, a powerful home automation system that offers sophisticated control with supreme usability for your Santa Rosa Beach, FL home. Read on below to discover more about Crestron Home.