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A high-end audio system lets you extract every detail and nuance from your favorite music. Explore the latest equipment and trends here.

Focal and Naim – A Brilliant High-End Audio Match Focal and Naim – A Brilliant High-End Audio Match

Brought to you by GHT Group, a Focal/Naim Dealer of the Year

We can’t take credit for Focal and Naim, two well-known and highly respected names in high-end audio, for getting together. That merger happened back in 2011, and it has been a fruitful partnership. But we can humbly and proudly take credit for being named a Focal/Naim Dealer of the Year in 2022, a sign of our great partnership with these stellar audio brands. 

GHT Group loves working with Focal because of their commitment to hi-fi audio excellence that doesn't sacrifice design and aesthetics, a vital part of the total audio experience. We're proud to display several of these beautiful speaker lines in our Marietta showroom and are equally pleased to be a top dealer in Metro Atlanta and the Southeast for Focal/Naim.

What makes Focal and Naim such a great combination? Both brands share the same core values and commitment to excellence in audio. Learn more about them below!

10 Holiday Vinyl Records to Enjoy on Your High-End Audio Rig 10 Holiday Vinyl Records to Enjoy on Your High-End Audio Rig

Spread Some Cheer at Home with These Top-Hit Yuletide Albums

Nothing spurs holiday spirit quite like music. While it may be convenient to select one of the thousands of seasonal playlists from popular streaming services like Spotify or Tidal to enjoy throughout your Roswell, GA home, no streaming platform can muster the magic of vinyl.

‘Tis the season for audiophiles to slow down and sink into the warm, musical nuances that only vinyl records can deliver. For rockers and crooners alike, our team at GHT Group has provided 10 top holiday vinyl records to spin on your high-end audio rig. See the list below, as well as some of our premium turntable and speaker recommendations should you need a home audio upgrade.

Want a High-End Audio Amplifier with Muscle and Finesse? Want a High-End Audio Amplifier with Muscle and Finesse?

Take a Look at the Incomparable McIntosh MC901

Some high-fidelity speakers require massive power to sound their best. Sometimes, even veteran audio enthusiasts have a speaker that they're not satisfied with that may just need more energy. For example, electrostatic speakers from MartinLogan require a lot of juice to bring out the airy and deep soundstage for which the brand and the technology are known. But without the right amplification, you might be unimpressed.  

The other aspect of wringing the best sound from a great speaker is matching the amplifier to the speaker. There are several types of amplifier designs and topologies. Two classic types are vacuum tubes, which date back to the dawn of electronics, and solid state, which is the most common type found in most audio products.

There’s much more to this, but we’re trying to keep it simple here. And if you already know all that, you’ll still want to keep reading about the McIntosh MC901 amplifier, which combines both vacuum tubes and solid-state components into a beastly high-end audio amp with the power to drive just about any speaker in your Brookhaven, GA, listening room.  

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3 Ways to Improve the Sound of High-End Audio Speakers 3 Ways to Improve the Sound of High-End Audio Speakers

And Only One Involves Money

Audio enthusiasts come in many stripes. Some are continually upgrading every part of their sound system, looking for their ultimate dream setup that sounds "perfect." Others enjoy rotating equipment in and out of their system, looking for a tweak or two to improve sound quality or give it a different nuance. Many simply enjoy the audio journey, knowing there is no audio nirvana, but the ride sure is a lot of fun.

Now, you might think that this constant search for aural perfection can get expensive. And it can, but there is an amazing amount of excellent audio gear that fits many budgets. Many of the hi-fi brands we offer at GHT Group – Monitor Audio, Klipsch Heritage, B&W, and more – have affordable options. But if you already have a set of high-end audio speakers in your Alpharetta, GA listening room that you like, there are some simple tweaks you can do to extract that extra ounce of oomph you may be looking for in your setup.

Keep reading for some simple tips you can try to improve your sound. And afterward, if you still think you need an upgrade, we’ll be happy to assist you with that!

Product Spotlight: The Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier Product Spotlight: The Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier

High-End Audio Performance That Won’t Break the Bank

Rotel has always been a company that has flown a bit under the radar. Audio enthusiasts worldwide know of its excellent products, yet many others who delve in audio sometimes overlook this hi-fi company.

The name Rotel would not give away that this is a Japanese company, still family-run. The company got its origins in 1961 and has since acquired a reputation as a high-quality audio electronics maker with classic design and robust build quality. For many years, it was part of the Bowers & Wilkins group and was sold almost exclusively by B&W dealers like GHT Group. Today the company is independent again, not straying far from its mission to build beautiful, long-lasting AV electronic components. 

One of those components is the RA-1592 integrated amplifier. Integrated amps are an excellent way to get into high-end audio for your Marietta, GA listening room without complexity but sacrificing nothing in performance. If you love music, the Rotel 1592 makes the perfect complement to drive hi-fi speakers available from GHT Group such as MartinLogan, B&W, Paradigm, Monitor Audio, and Klipsch Heritage. 

Keep reading to see why the Rotel 1592 makes an excellent centerpiece for your two-channel audio setup. 

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