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At GHT Group, we like to call ourselves music enthusiasts. We don’t just love great music, we also love audio products that are designed for authentic, lifelike sound reproduction. Of course, a memorable listening experience starts with a great song. But the speakers you listen from or the amplifier you use to power your speakers also play a significant role. Even the file format of the song you listen to is important. With high-end audio technology, it’s possible to bring the music quality of live concerts right into the comfort of your home in Buckhead, Alpharetta, or Atlanta, GA, or Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Our team at GHT Group is proud to offer several of the world’s best high-fidelity audio brands to the Metro Atlanta and Florida Panhandle communities because we are passionate music enthusiasts ourselves. Get to know some of the high-end audio brands we offer in the sections below, or fill out our contact form on this page to inquire about product availability or to schedule a no-obligation demo at our 20,000-square-foot Marietta showroom.



Since 1949, McIntosh has been at the forefront of manufacturing some of the world’s best high-end speaker and audio products. Manufactured in Binghamton, New York, McIntosh audio products are carefully handcrafted to the highest of sound reproduction standards. From amplifiers to turntables, from preamps to integrated offerings, McIntosh excels in all of its hifi audio systems and solutions. We at GHT Group are honored to be a certified McIntosh dealer serving the Metro Atlanta area and the greater Southeastern United States. You can experience all things McIntosh at our Marietta showroom as well, from the newer MA252 integrated amplifier and the MTI100 integrated turntable to the classic MC275 tube amplifier and the MT5 precision turntable.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins

There is a reason that the world-famous Abbey Road Studios uses the Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 as its official loudspeakers in its London-based recording studios. Founded in 1966, B&W manufactures some of the world’s best speakers, particularly regarded for their ability to deliver reproduced audio in an accurate, realistic format. We’re proud to provide Metro Atlanta with a wide selection of Bowers & Wilkins products as a certified B&W dealer. On display and available to demo in our Marietta showroom not only is the world-famous 800 D3 loudspeaker but also the full line of 800 Series Diamond speakers, including the 802 D3, the 803 D3, the 804 D3 and the 805 D3. We can help you not only select the perfect B&W speakers for your living space but also expertly install them with our dedicated team of high-end audio installation experts.


Martin Logan & Other High-End Audio Brands

In addition to McIntosh and Bowers & Wilkins, we at GHT Group also offer a variety of other high-end audio brands for Metro Atlanta residents. For example, we are a certified Klipsch Heritage dealer. We offer Paradigm audio products, from their affordable Monitor SE speakers to their Defiance subwoofers and more. We even offer high-fidelity audio products from brands such as Martin Logan, JL Audio, Leon, Anthem and Rotel. If you are looking for anything related to high-end audio in Metro Atlanta or Destin, FL, our team at GHT Group is here to help you find it. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing system, or you are ready to build the high-end audio system of your dreams, we are here to help make it a reality. Just reach out to our team today to explore the possibilities!


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