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Interested in adding a smart lighting control system to your Atlanta home or business? As a top Lutron and Control4 dealer, Georgia Home Theater can help.

Four Reasons to Invest in a Smart Lighting Control System Four Reasons to Invest in a Smart Lighting Control System

An Investment in Your Home and Your Lifestyle

You may have heard of lighting control systems or smart lighting, but like many things now labeled “smart,” you may not have a great sense of what they can do for you. Smart lighting control systems also sound like they might require a significant investment.

The good news is that smart lighting control may require a minimal upfront investment in wiring to get started. With the advances in wireless technologies, however, you may be surprised at how painless it is to add lighting control to your existing home. Moreover, you can automate your outdoor lights, one room, several rooms, or the whole house – you have choices, and you can expand in the future.

Why install a smart lighting control system in your Metro Atlanta home? Because there are real benefits in convenience, safety, and efficiency – not to mention adding a little luxury to your lifestyle. Read on to find out how.