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Accessorize your home with elegant custom window treatments. Learn about the latest smart, automated solutions here.

Getting Custom Window Treatments? Add Automation! Getting Custom Window Treatments? Add Automation!

Here’s Why You’ll Want Automated Window Treatments

Sometimes, the decor in a home might change over time with new furniture, art, and accessories, but the window treatments might not have kept pace. A fresh set of custom window treatments is a great way to breathe new design life into your home.

While a new set of window treatments will add style, there’s another way to add a new dimension to your home beyond the aesthetic. Adding the power of motorization and automation to window blinds and shades will transform your home’s utility and comfort. Keep reading below to see how. 

A Custom Window Treatment for Every Room in Your Home A Custom Window Treatment for Every Room in Your Home

Lutron Has All Your Windows Covered

Sometimes, you are tempted to minimize the number of decisions you have to face. For example, take custom window treatments for your Alpharetta, GA home. You might want to avoid going through the time and energy of choosing different window treatments in every room, so you choose the same style, like roller shades, everywhere. Because you also want motorized shades, you proclaim, “Aha! This one decision covers everything.” 

Let us throw a little wrench into the works. Did you know that there are many styles of powered window treatments for all types of windows? And that there are nearly endless variations of materials and colors from which to choose? Oh no, back to the drawing board!

OK, let's make it slightly easier. Keep reading below for some suggestions on motorized window treatment options for three different rooms of your home. We gave you a problem, but we also have the solutions!

Cut the Cord with Stylish, Wireless Custom Window Treatments Cut the Cord with Stylish, Wireless Custom Window Treatments

Lutron Palladiom Wireless Shades Meld High Style and Convenience with Easy Installation and Maintenance

Is there such a thing as a no-compromise solution? In reality, there are very few, but we think we have one of them for you. If you’re thinking of custom window treatments for a new home, remodel, or just a little redecorating, we highly recommend (implore, plead, urge, beg) that you consider making them motorized. Why? We’ve written at length on this subject and think motorized window treatments are like sliced bread in the smart home. In all seriousness, the benefits in convenience, luxury, comfort, and efficiency will pay dividends for many years. 

But you might think, don’t motorized window treatments involve wiring and installation foibles? Interestingly, we find that misconception still exists. Wireless motorized shading is as easy to install as regular window treatments and requires no special maintenance.

If your Buckhead, GA home leans modern, industrial retro-modern, or mid-century eclectic, you'll want to know more about the new wireless option for Lutron’s Palladiom motorized shades. Read more below!

4 Custom Window Treatment Ideas for Your Living Areas 4 Custom Window Treatment Ideas for Your Living Areas

Stumped for Window Treatment Ideas? Start Here!

If you’re building, remodeling, or simply tired of the current window treatments in your living areas, you might be overwhelmed with all the choices available for window covering options. As with most things, one of the best ways to start the process is to think about how you actually use your living spaces. For most people, these rooms are for relaxing, socializing, and entertaining – but some of these uses will rank higher in importance than others.

Then we have the practical and aesthetic considerations, such as light control, energy efficiency, and décor and style. Does this sound like a lot? Maybe, but let the custom window treatment experts at GHT Group help with a few suggestions for your Roswell, GA home. Ready? Explore four popular options below. 

4 Reasons to Get Custom Motorized Window Treatments 4 Reasons to Get Custom Motorized Window Treatments

Convenience Is Just the Beginning

Are you in need of new window treatments? Whether you are building, remodeling, or just a bit tired of your existing window coverings in Alpharetta, allow us to humbly suggest that you consider motorized, custom window treatments.

We can already hear practical Georgians saying, why would we need to motorize them? To which we respond, do you still have crank windows in your car? In all seriousness, motorized window treatments are a luxury, but one that you quickly discover pays many dividends in practicality. And on the subject of dividends, they can even save you money. How? Please read on!

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