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Residential Lighting Design: Doing Bathrooms the Right Way Residential Lighting Design: Doing Bathrooms the Right Way

Elevate Your Bathrooms with the Right Lighting

There’s an old adage that says good lighting can make any room look good, and bad lighting can make even the most beautiful space look seriously deficient. OK, we’ll admit we just made that one up. 

However, adage or not, there is truth in our words. Our eyes see everything as reflections of light off objects. And any picture you see is also the capture of light into an image. Light is a critical factor in how you view just about everything. 

When it comes to residential lighting design, perhaps there is nothing more annoying than a poorly lit bathroom. Bathrooms serve multiple purposes. They are functional spaces, but they also increasingly serve as retreats for relaxation with luxurious tubs, showers and other amenities. How do you illuminate bathrooms in Brookhaven, GA, to serve these different needs? We're glad you asked. Keep reading for some of the latest lighting trends for today's bathrooms.

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