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Articles in Category: Home Automation Services

GHT Group delivers personalized and expert home automation services to local homeowners. Find out more information on this page.

Manage Your Rosemary Beach Home from Anywhere with Control4

Control4’s 4Sight Home Automation Service Puts Your Smart Home in the Palm of Your Hand

Manage Your Rosemary Beach Home from Anywhere with Control4

Whether your home in Rosemary Beach is for vacations and relaxation or a full-time Florida residence, you always feel safer when you can keep tabs on what’s going on at home. One of the most appealing things about smart home technology is that you can do just that! 

Control4 is a powerful and flexible smart home control system that ties together all your intelligent devices and functions into a cohesive team that works together for you. And one of their most valuable and beneficial home automation services is 4Sight, which gives you extraordinary control and personalization of your smart home experience. Read on to see how Control4 makes it easy to keep tabs on and manage your smart home from anywhere – with an internet connection, that is!

5 Home Automation Ideas for Your Miramar Beach Vacation Home

Managing and Securing Your Vacation Home is Easy with Smart Technology

5 Home Automation Ideas for Your Miramar Beach Vacation Home

Have you recently acquired or built your dream vacation home in Miramar Beach? When you’re not there enjoying the Florida sunshine and the Gulf breezes, there’s no need to worry about the state of your abode. Whether you rent it out for income or you want to monitor your property for safety and security, smart home automation technologies can keep you abreast of what’s happening.

Based in Rosemary Beach, GHT Group is your local home automation services company that can help you set up your vacation home for easy management while you’re there or away. Learn about five smart automation ideas below!

How to Choose a Home Automation Services Company

Who Does Your Home Automation Is as Important as What Product You Select

How to Choose a Home Automation Services Company

Car brands can often trigger an emotional response with many people. Some have excellent experiences that make them loyal to the brand, and others have terrible ones. While the automobile product itself is critical in building that experience, it often comes down to the buying process and dealer service. As you have all likely experienced, these experiences have probably varied widely from very good to awful.

When it comes to home automation services for your WaterSound, FL home, who installs and maintains your smart home systems is just as important as the products you choose. Why? Because even the best products and solutions can disappoint if not correctly configured, installed, and maintained. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for in choosing a home automation company.

3 Home Automation Services to Ensure Your Home Runs Glitch-Free

Home Automation Systems Need Tune-Ups Too

3 Home Automation Services to Ensure Your Home Runs Glitch-Free

We are all familiar with things that require routine maintenance. Cars may be the first to come to mind. Oil changes, lube, tune-ups, tire rotations, and other items are standard services that all vehicles need. OK, so electric cars don't need oil changes, filters, or spark plugs, but they require other maintenance too. Closer to home, HVAC systems and other functions need routine maintenance for optimal performance.

Home automation is an increasingly popular upgrade to today’s homes. Homeowners enjoy the many benefits of lighting control, motorized shading, HVAC control, unified AV systems, and integrating all of these through smart home automation systems.

Do home automation systems need maintenance? Should you seek out companies in Marietta, GA (like us) that specialize in home automation services to "tune-up" your system? What services could possibly be needed with some electronics and software? The answers below might surprise you.