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The Top 3 Home Automation Services You Should Have in Your Destin Home

These Smart Technology Services Simplify Daily Living

The Top 3 Home Automation Services You Should Have in Your Destin Home

Why do people invest in smart technology? The main reasons are simplifying home management, convenience, luxury, and security. Is your Destin home a Florida escape from colder winter climes? If so, you’ll appreciate how home automation services make it easier to manage and secure your home from afar. And if it’s your permanent home, whether you’re working or retired, smart home tech gives you back more time in the day for what’s important to you.

While there are a plethora of smart home features you can add to your home, here are the ones most popular and valuable for your Florida Panhandle property.

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Lighting Control

One of the most convenient and luxurious aspects of smart homes is controlling lights through more than light switches. Programmable, customizable lighting control keypads let you manage several sets of lights with one button press. When the Destin sunshine streams in during the day, you can have your interior lights completely off or use only task lights for efficiency and comfort.

For even greater convenience, manage your lights by schedules, and vary them with the season. Outdoor lighting is also easier with lighting control, to the point where sensors and scheduled can completely manage them for you. As a result, your home will be perfectly illuminated any time of day or night. Of course, your smartphone can also serve as your light control wherever you are in the house to make adjustments.

Motorized Shading

It's no secret that Florida gets lots of sun. Too much sun can cause glare, heat buildup, and damage to interior finishes and furnishings. With motorized shades, you can forget about those problems. Just like lighting control, motorized shades can raise or lower to the press of a button, a schedule, or your walking into a room. Motorized shades add privacy when you need it, security while you’re away, and efficiency by using natural light intelligently in your home. Motorized window treatments are also the ideal partner for lighting control; together, they can create an ideal environment for comfort in your home.


The other hugely popular home automation feature is security. Security features take many forms, from video doorbells and cameras to sensors and smart locks. While standard security systems have existed for years, smart home technology has made them far more intelligent and useful.

For example, if your Destin home is a vacation home, smart cameras can monitor activity while you're away. Do you let family and friends use your vacation home? Smart locks can give them access digitally and temporarily, ensuring that you don’t proliferate keys that can get lost. Need to check on the status of your property? Remote viewing of camera feeds, smart lock status, and garage doors is as easy as picking up your smartphone.

And even if your Destin home is your permanent residence, all these features are just as useful when traveling overseas for several weeks over the summer. Plus, lighting control, motorized shades, and smart security all work in concert to keep your home private and safe.

Looking to add the convenience, luxury, and security of home automation services to your home? Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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