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Articles in Category: Home Theater Designer

professional home theater designer considers all the myriad details and issues to design the ideal theater for your space. Learn more here.

Three Questions to Ask Your Home Theater Designer

They’ll Think You’re an Expert!

Three Questions to Ask Your Home Theater Designer

First, do you need a home theater designer at all? We'll argue that it's a great idea unless you really like to run projects like a general contractor. Home theaters have a lot of things in them, from technology to electrical to finishes, and they are serious projects. Like building a house in Milton, GA, it’s wise to have someone that puts it all together and knows how to manage the process from start to finish.

Now that we have that established, what should you ask a home theater designer or company when interviewing them? We could write multiple blogs about this, but here are three questions you can ask so they'll know you're an informed home theater buyer!

What Do Home Theater Designers Do, Anyway?

Who Needs a Home Theater Designer?

What Do Home Theater Designers Do, Anyway?

Do you need a home theater designer? You can likely cobble together a home theater; many DIY enthusiasts do just that. With no shortage of fast playback TikTok and YouTube videos to show you how to build your own theater in 20 minutes, it must be a snap.

Somehow, how-to videos notwithstanding, people still hire us to design and build home theaters. Of course, we're joking that you can build a home theater in 20 minutes, and neither can we, even though we've been at it for over 30 years. The truth is a real home theater is a complicated project. Just like building a home is a big project, a home theater is one too. People hire architects and builders to build a house in Cumming, GA, and people hire home theater designers – like GHT Group – to create home cinemas. 

So, what do home theater designers do? Keep reading below to find out the basics.

The Home Theater Designer’s Secret Weapon for Better Sound Quality

Vicoustic Room Solutions Offer Easy Ways to Tame Room Sound

The Home Theater Designer’s Secret Weapon for Better Sound Quality

Want to know a little secret? There’s more to achieving great sound quality in a home theater than just having high-quality speakers, subwoofers, and electronics. Many DIY home theater buffs have experienced a “huh?” moment when they fired up their expensive sound systems and were less than overwhelmed with what they heard.

The truth is that room layout, furnishings, ceiling height, materials, and other factors all influence the sound in a home theater. Sometimes, despite the equipment, it’s fatiguing sibilance from higher frequencies or overwhelming bass in one corner with almost none in another. One of the ways that professional home theater designers overcome these aural issues is with acoustic treatment.

At GHT Group, we work with Vicoustic for easy-to-implement acoustic treatment solutions that help tame room audio ills. Keep reading below to learn how we get your Marietta, GA home theater to fulfill its full home cinema promise.

5 Deadly Sins That Make Home Theater Designers Cringe

Here’s How to Avoid Them

5 Deadly Sins That Make Home Theater Designers Cringe

A home theater is a sizable investment for most people. It may serve as a refuge and escape from the world, a family entertainment space, and even an immersive educational experience (Our Planet, anyone?) However, the home theater experience can be marred by little mistakes in the design and execution of the space.

Home theaters are often a crowning touch in a luxury home. The last thing you want is niggling issues that make your entertainment experience something less than wonderful. To make sure you avoid these issues, we’ve rounded up five mistakes that make our home theater designers cringe. Fortunately, when you work with GHT Group, you can take advantage of our three decades in home theaters (it’s the HT in our name) to make sure your theater doesn’t fall into these traps! Stay with us below.