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Articles in Category: Home Theater Designer

professional home theater designer considers all the myriad details and issues to design the ideal theater for your space. Learn more here.

4 Things to Consider in Designing Your Home Theater

It’s Not All About the Equipment

4 Things to Consider in Designing Your Home Theater

How do you design the ultimate home theater? Well, to start, it should be the ultimate home theater for you and your lifestyle. Whether your theater is evocative of the movie palaces of yesteryear or a sleek and modern multimedia space, it should fit your lifestyle.

While your home theater will benefit from the best equipment, the truth is that the best gear alone may not make for the engaging media experience. That’s why it pays to work with a professional home theater designer like GHT Group. We have been building home theaters in Metro Atlanta since before home theaters were a thing! Along the way, we've learned a thing or two about how to construct home theaters (and media rooms) the right way. Keep reading to learn about four critical considerations for your next home theater design in your Canton, GA home!

4 Nifty Ideas for Your Home Theater Design (or Redesign!)

Make a Home Theater Your All-Singing, All-Dancing Entertainment Space

4 Nifty Ideas for Your Home Theater Design (or Redesign!)

The term "home theater" probably evokes a certain image. Perhaps it's a dark room with comfortable lounge seating, a gigantic screen, and a powerful sound system. Maybe you already have such a theater, but you’re thinking, “aren’t there some other ways to take advantage of this space?”

You're right; there are. Home theaters aren't just for movies anymore. Don't get us wrong – today's movies will take full advantage of the visual and aural power of a home theater. But movies aren't the only content. Gaming in a home theater can be an amazing experience, and in some cases they will exploit even more of your screen and sound system than movies. And there's more.

As the premier home theater designer in Cumming and Metro Atlanta, we have a few ideas for enhancing your custom theater to take advantage of even more entertainment possibilities. Keep reading below!

Why You Want a Professional Designer for Your Dream Home Theater

Home Theaters Are a Heady Mix of Art and Technology

Why You Want a Professional Designer for Your Dream Home Theater

There’s nothing that says you can’t put together your own home theater. Indeed, many homeowners do. A home theater can be a relatively straightforward room with a large screen and a sound system for an emotional viewing experience. 

One person's idea of an exciting viewing experience in a home theater can be wildly different from another. Some may want their home theater to fit into a living area or game room. Others want nothing less than a full-fledged dedicated room with lounge seating, a 13-channel surround system, and a 150-inch screen. Some like the theater to fit with their living area décor and others want one that makes a statement.

GHT Group (formerly Georgia*Home*Theater, get it?) has been a home theater designer and integrator in the Atlanta area for over 30 years. We’re not going to tell you which type of home theater is right for you – you tell us, and we’ll make it a reality in your Duluth home! But we do have some definite ideas why you want to hire a pro like us for the job. See why below!