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professional home theater designer considers all the myriad details and issues to design the ideal theater for your space. Learn more here.


It’s All About Versatile Entertainment Spaces

Home theaters were once a place to recreate the cinematic experience at home. While you may have watched TV in a living room, the theater was for something more memorable. The advent of digital streaming video and an explosion of content has made that notion a bit passé; the home theater is simply the best place for any audio-video experience in your Suwanee or Atlanta, GA, home. So how are home theater designers reimagining home cinemas to adjust to today’s trends? Let’s explore four ways the modern home theater is shaping up in 2023. 

3 Ways Home Theater Designers Create Immersive Home Cinemas 3 Ways Home Theater Designers Create Immersive Home Cinemas

Home Theaters Are All About the Details

Home theaters are familiar, as they have been around since the late 1980s. Over the years, however, a sea of changes in the technologies that power home cinemas has created many opportunities for customization, from automation to lighting to audio. The basic home cinema of decades ago has transitioned from an analog to a digital affair for sight and sound technology. 

Technologies like 13-channel immersive surround sound, light-absorbing screens, projectors that automatically adjust to multiple screen formats, and LED lighting have created new opportunities for home theater designers to stretch their creativity. Yet, in the end, a great home theater is all about attention to small details. Here are three ways home theater professionals deliver exceptional entertainment experiences by sweating the details, large and small.

3 Home Theater Designer Tricks of the Trade 3 Home Theater Designer Tricks of the Trade

What Professionals Include for a Superior Home Cinema Experience

Can you design and install your own home theater? Sure, some people do. But if you want a custom home cinema that looks like something where every detail is thought out, from equipment to decor, you should hire a professional home theater designer. We’re not going to cover all the details involved in creating a custom theater in your Alpharetta, GA, home because it would make this blog very long. However, we can cover three areas you might want to think about that can make a significant difference in your theater. 

The three areas involve both sound and visuals, which are two essential elements of the viewing experience. Please keep reading for more!

Three Questions to Ask Your Home Theater Designer Three Questions to Ask Your Home Theater Designer

They’ll Think You’re an Expert!

First, do you need a home theater designer at all? We'll argue that it's a great idea unless you really like to run projects like a general contractor. Home theaters have a lot of things in them, from technology to electrical to finishes, and they are serious projects. Like building a house in Milton, GA, it’s wise to have someone that puts it all together and knows how to manage the process from start to finish.

Now that we have that established, what should you ask a home theater designer or company when interviewing them? We could write multiple blogs about this, but here are three questions you can ask so they'll know you're an informed home theater buyer!

What Do Home Theater Designers Do, Anyway? What Do Home Theater Designers Do, Anyway?

Who Needs a Home Theater Designer?

Do you need a home theater designer? You can likely cobble together a home theater; many DIY enthusiasts do just that. With no shortage of fast playback TikTok and YouTube videos to show you how to build your own theater in 20 minutes, it must be a snap.

Somehow, how-to videos notwithstanding, people still hire us to design and build home theaters. Of course, we're joking that you can build a home theater in 20 minutes, and neither can we, even though we've been at it for over 30 years. The truth is a real home theater is a complicated project. Just like building a home is a big project, a home theater is one too. People hire architects and builders to build a house in Cumming, GA, and people hire home theater designers – like GHT Group – to create home cinemas. 

So, what do home theater designers do? Keep reading below to find out the basics.

The Home Theater Designer’s Secret Weapon for Better Sound Quality The Home Theater Designer’s Secret Weapon for Better Sound Quality

Vicoustic Room Solutions Offer Easy Ways to Tame Room Sound

Want to know a little secret? There’s more to achieving great sound quality in a home theater than just having high-quality speakers, subwoofers, and electronics. Many DIY home theater buffs have experienced a “huh?” moment when they fired up their expensive sound systems and were less than overwhelmed with what they heard.

The truth is that room layout, furnishings, ceiling height, materials, and other factors all influence the sound in a home theater. Sometimes, despite the equipment, it’s fatiguing sibilance from higher frequencies or overwhelming bass in one corner with almost none in another. One of the ways that professional home theater designers overcome these aural issues is with acoustic treatment.

At GHT Group, we work with Vicoustic for easy-to-implement acoustic treatment solutions that help tame room audio ills. Keep reading below to learn how we get your Marietta, GA home theater to fulfill its full home cinema promise.

5 Deadly Sins That Make Home Theater Designers Cringe 5 Deadly Sins That Make Home Theater Designers Cringe

Here’s How to Avoid Them

A home theater is a sizable investment for most people. It may serve as a refuge and escape from the world, a family entertainment space, and even an immersive educational experience (Our Planet, anyone?) However, the home theater experience can be marred by little mistakes in the design and execution of the space.

Home theaters are often a crowning touch in a luxury home. The last thing you want is niggling issues that make your entertainment experience something less than wonderful. To make sure you avoid these issues, we’ve rounded up five mistakes that make our home theater designers cringe. Fortunately, when you work with GHT Group, you can take advantage of our three decades in home theaters (it’s the HT in our name) to make sure your theater doesn’t fall into these traps! Stay with us below.

4 Considerations for Seating in Home Theater Designs 4 Considerations for Seating in Home Theater Designs

Seating Is Job One

What’s the first thing you should think about when building a home theater? Is it the screen? The speakers? The lighting? While many details go into designing a home theater, savvy home theater designers know what drives the rest – seating.

While the type of seating is very important, the number of seats will really dictate many other things, such as screen size and placement, speaker placement, acoustic treatments, and more. Let’s explore how home theater designers think about seating and how that can impact the next home cinema in your Kennesaw, GA home.

4 Things to Consider in Designing Your Home Theater 4 Things to Consider in Designing Your Home Theater

It’s Not All About the Equipment

How do you design the ultimate home theater? Well, to start, it should be the ultimate home theater for you and your lifestyle. Whether your theater is evocative of the movie palaces of yesteryear or a sleek and modern multimedia space, it should fit your lifestyle.

While your home theater will benefit from the best equipment, the truth is that the best gear alone may not make for the engaging media experience. That’s why it pays to work with a professional home theater designer like GHT Group. We have been building home theaters in Metro Atlanta since before home theaters were a thing! Along the way, we've learned a thing or two about how to construct home theaters (and media rooms) the right way. Keep reading to learn about four critical considerations for your next home theater design in your Canton, GA home!

4 Nifty Ideas for Your Home Theater Design (or Redesign!) 4 Nifty Ideas for Your Home Theater Design (or Redesign!)

Make a Home Theater Your All-Singing, All-Dancing Entertainment Space

The term "home theater" probably evokes a certain image. Perhaps it's a dark room with comfortable lounge seating, a gigantic screen, and a powerful sound system. Maybe you already have such a theater, but you’re thinking, “aren’t there some other ways to take advantage of this space?”

You're right; there are. Home theaters aren't just for movies anymore. Don't get us wrong – today's movies will take full advantage of the visual and aural power of a home theater. But movies aren't the only content. Gaming in a home theater can be an amazing experience, and in some cases they will exploit even more of your screen and sound system than movies. And there's more.

As the premier home theater designer in Cumming and Metro Atlanta, we have a few ideas for enhancing your custom theater to take advantage of even more entertainment possibilities. Keep reading below!

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