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3 Secrets You May Not Know about Outdoor TVs 3 Secrets You May Not Know about Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs Are Made to Be Outside

Are outdoor TVs the same as indoor TVs? Sure, to the extent that they are all…TVs. Just as not all TVs are made the same, outdoor TVs are quite different from indoor models. Are they more expensive? Yes, and there's a reason.

You can spend as little as $500 for an indoor 65-inch TV or as much as $2000. What's the difference there? Plenty, when you start looking at features, build quality, and a host of important differences that greatly impact the viewing experience. 

So, what’s so different about outdoor TVs, and why should you spend more for one (or two)? Keep reading below for three key reasons you want a real outdoor TV for your Woodstock, GA patio, or outside space