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Crestron automation systems are the ultimate control solutions for your smart home or office. Learn more about Crestron here.  

3 Ways a Crestron System Provides a Complete Smart Home Experience 3 Ways a Crestron System Provides a Complete Smart Home Experience

From Smart Home Offices to Power Management, Crestron Home Can Do It

What makes for a superior smart home experience? At GHT Group, it’s not just about giving you another way to control your lighting or HVAC system. While it’s undeniably convenient to control lighting from an app, you ultimately want a system that can intelligently and seamlessly manage your home – often without any input from you.

Crestron system is all about smart control of your Destin, FL property. Whether you’re at home or away, Crestron gives you intelligent management and automation of your home. Here are three ways – out of many – that Crestron delivers a superior smart home experience. 

How a Crestron System Reimagines Your Home Experience How a Crestron System Reimagines Your Home Experience

Advanced Home Automation Made Simple

In this day and age of Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and many home automation devices, Crestron is a name you may not know. Yet before the internet or even high technology was a common term, Crestron was pioneering automation in both businesses and homes. Crestron was (and still is) a top choice in orchestrating automation in the largest residences and the most complex boardrooms across the country and the world.

Sometimes, with great power and flexibility comes a higher level of complexity. Crestron systems could do almost anything, but they required a high skill level to configure, program, and install. Crestron took the power inherent in the system and added a simplified layer that made it easier for integrators to deploy, and more importantly, far easier for homeowners to use and personalize. The result is Crestron Home, a powerful home automation system that offers sophisticated control with supreme usability for your Santa Rosa Beach, FL home. Read on below to discover more about Crestron Home.