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3 Things to Look for in a Smart Home Company

Trust Your Smart Home Technology to a Professional

3 Things to Look for in a Smart Home Company

Smart home technology is high on the list for homeowners building or remodeling a home or even redoing a living area or an outdoor patio and pool. Control of lights, audio-video systems, shading, and more bring not just convenience but energy efficiency and security benefits as well.  

While some simple smart home features can be addressed with DIY consumer solutions, a truly integrated smart home installation is best left to professionals. They can determine not just what system is best for you now and into the future, but they are also experts in essential infrastructure like cabling, wiring, and networking that will enable your smart home to work fluidly and reliably. 

How do you go about choosing a smart home company for your project in Destin, FL? Keep reading for three critical things to look for in making your decision. 

Why You Should Trust a Smart Home Company with Your Home Automation

It’s All in the Details

Why You Should Trust a Smart Home Company with Your Home Automation

Are you considering a home automation upgrade for your Brookhaven home? At this time of year, you'll undoubtedly see many new devices come to market and some excellent holiday deals. It's tempting to go the DIY route, but is that the right approach for you? A little soul searching might be in order to better understand your smart home needs.

As a smart home company serving the metro Atlanta area for over 30 years, we have a solid understanding of both sides of the equation. Our 20,000 square-foot showroom is open to the public, and while we specialize in custom installation, you can just buy equipment from GHT Group. But when it comes to smart home technology, it pays to take a long term, strategic approach, so your investment serves you well for years. To give you an example of how GHT Group sweats the details, consider the typical issues below that we frequently encounter in smart home projects. 

Selling a Home? Stage it with Smart Home Technology

Nothing Makes a Home More Up to Date than Smart Tech Features

Selling a Home? Stage it with Smart Home Technology

If you're selling your home in Alpharetta, you might be faced with some expenses for either bringing deferred maintenance up to date or needing to update some items to make your property look fresh. It might be refinishing wood flooring, replacing carpeting, painting inside or out, or renewing bathroom and kitchen faucets. Depending on the age of the house and the competition, it might even be more extensive than that.

Most recent surveys show that prospective homebuyers are increasingly looking for smart home features in homes. And in new construction, builders have increasingly responded by prewiring homes for smart lighting, whole-home audio and other popular features.

If the prospect of modernizing your home with smart technology seems daunting, GHT Group can make it easy. In business serving the metro Atlanta area for over 30 years, we are your go-to smart home company for home technology. Keep reading below for three ways to freshen your home with smart tech and add the wow factor to bring in offers fast!

Spring Into Fall with Smart Home Automation

Spice Up Your Routines For Working, Learning, and Playing at Home

Spring Into Fall with Smart Home Automation

If our clever title has you lamenting the end of summer in Georgia, we did not skip the season by Springing into Fall. Indeed, please read all about enjoying summer fun with outdoor entertainment technology. But as you read this, you are quite likely wondering what might be happening with school schedules this fall, given the ongoing pandemic. 

As your local smart home company in the Atlanta area, we can offer you some innovative ways to have smart technology make the new home routines for work, play, and fun a little more manageable, and, dare we say…fun! Not only that, but we can also show you this tech in action at our 20,000 square foot showroom in Marietta. Keep reading for some ideas that may spark your imagination.