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Connected Home

A completely connected home means a life of luxury, convenience, and comfort. You can rely on your stable home network to connect every smart feature and technology you have and keep them all up and running smoothly for your whole family. From your lighting control system to your home security and audio video components to even your personal laptop, wired and wireless technologies can work together seamlessly within a smart home networking solution. Our team has unique experience delivering custom entire-home networking infrastructures for families throughout the Atlanta area – from Buckhead to Dunwoody – and the Florida Panhandle – from Destin to Alys Beach, FL.


If you have one family member streaming their favorite show on the smart TV in the media room, one upstairs listening to music from wireless speakers, and others using their smartphones and tablets to text or play games – then there’s no doubt about it: You need a strong and stable home network. The last thing you’d want is for your devices to drop connections or for your streams to lag and suffer. Even your smart home devices can be negatively affected. No matter what technologies you add to your system in the years to come, a smart home networking system gives you the sturdy and reliable foundation to continue building upon. Customized network installation services that include routers, wiring and cabling, wireless access points, and more can be used to optimize the network performance of your property in Miramar Beach, FL, or the Atlanta area.

Network Security

Nothing is nearly as important as your network’s security. Whether you’re using your smart home system to dim the lights remotely or using your laptop for some online shopping, you should be able to do so with peace of mind knowing your information is secure. Through our smart home networking solutions for the Metro Atlanta area, your network will always function properly with reliable service and firewalls in place that keep it secure. Our remote network monitoring services allow us to always be available so that we can help provide instant support and run diagnostics if any issues come up. With an encrypted network through routers and wireless access points, you can use every smart device and feature you want without the fear of your information being at-risk.



Intercom Systems

Ever needed to tell someone upstairs that dinner is ready, but shouting gets you nowhere? An intercom system is the just the thing your smart home needs. You can communicate with ease from one room to the next. Use the exact same wall panels and touchscreens you use to operate your smart home system; or choose an even more stylish option. Clear audio and picture make spreading a message throughout the home a breeze. Whether it’s an emergency or simply a “hello,” you can get the memo to everyone quicker than ever before. Remote intercom systems even allow you to communicate with guests at your front door through your own mobile device. Through an integrated network and home security system, greet guests remotely and allow them to enter your house without getting up from your seat.

Cellular Booster Systems

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as dropping an important call just because your cell phone service provider’s coverage is weak at your house. But no need to worry – a cellular booster system is the perfect solution for enhancing your smartphone’s data signal and speed.  Your system will capture the signals from cell towers that are nearby outside and will then increase them for your own phone’s performance inside your home. Talk to others freely over the phone without worry of if they can still hear you or if the call will drop at any moment! Best of all, a cellular booster system can be installed for any residential application – either for a single room or even a sprawling home.

Voice Recognition

Simply pressing a button to maneuver your smart home automation system makes daily life more efficient and comfortable. But imagine if you could tell your system to do something with just your voice alone! Voice recognition allows you to communicate with your system and command your technologies without you even having to lift a finger. Lower your shades, turn on your security alarms, or lower the volume on your TV with just a few words. You can even ask your system what the weather is like or how traffic looks on the way to work. With a smart home networking solution, you can ensure that your voice command device not only can integrate with your home automation system but also work within a moment’s notice – without delay.

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