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What To Look for in a Tunable Lighting System What To Look for in a Tunable Lighting System

Learn about the subtle but important differences in tunable lighting

You’ve probably heard about tunable lighting, and if you’re reading this, you likely want to know more about it. While tunable lighting was once novel technology, it is now available at many different price levels. But what separates one tunable lighting system from another? 

First, let's make sure we understand what tunable lighting is. Tunable lighting is a lighting system that can dynamically change white color temperature. With previous lighting technology, from incandescent to fluorescent to compact fluorescent, color temperature was fixed. This advance is made possible thanks to LED technology. Many tunable lighting systems can also display colored light. Of course, the lighting's intensity can also be changed. Now that we understand the baseline, let's explore what makes a tunable lighting system stand out for your Buckhead, GA home.