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GHT Group offers custom motorized shades and home technology solutions in Rosemary Beachand the Florida Panhandle area. Call us at (850529-4743.

What Rooms Should Get Custom Motorized Shades? What Rooms Should Get Custom Motorized Shades?

How to Get Started with the Amazing Convenience of Motorized Shades

We love motorized shades, and we write about them often (or maybe too much?) on these pages. Still, we can’t stress enough how convenient and luxurious it is to have this amazing piece of smart home technology, especially in Florida. However, this is an easy entrée into smart home technology that you can do at your own pace. 

Custom motorized shades don't require you to invest in a complete home automation system or any other special piece of technology to enjoy them. Further, you don't have to have them everywhere, only where they make the most sense. And when you're ready to add more to your Rosemary Beach home, you can do so when you want, as long as you buy into the right system. We explain more below!

4 Reasons to Outfit Your Home with Custom Motorized Shades 4 Reasons to Outfit Your Home with Custom Motorized Shades

Beautiful Window Treatments Are Just the Start

Unlike other state monikers that might leave you puzzled, the Sunshine State aptly fits Florida. The Rosemary Beach and Panhandle area average over 220 sunny days a year, and that doesn’t even count those days when it rains in the afternoon. All that sun makes for a wonderful climate and outdoor lifestyle, but it can also be hard on your home’s interior.

Most homes in the area employ some type of custom window treatments for all the usual reasons – privacy, light control, and more. But did you know that adding power to your window treatments can let you easily control the Florida sun inside your home? Discover four reasons how custom motorized shades protect and enhance your Rosemary Beach home.