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How Your Business Benefits from Motorized Shades How Your Business Benefits from Motorized Shades

Increase Comfort and Save Energy, Elegantly

On these pages in the recent past, we’ve enthusiastically extolled the virtues of motorized shades in residential settings. There's no denying the comfort and convenience factors, the compounded benefits from integration with other smart automation, and the real energy savings they can bring. 

You may not know that all the benefits above can be applied to commercial settings, as well. We could even argue that the business case for motorized shades in your Marietta, GA enterprise is easier to make.

How? Keep reading to learn some smart shading solutions for business.

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Did You Know That You Can Do Battery-Powered Shades? Did You Know That You Can Do Battery-Powered Shades?

Embrace a More Convenient Motorized Shades Solution

You’ll have a lot of choices to make when adding motorized shades to your home in the Dunwoody or Metro Atlanta area. There are various control, model, and fabric options available. Then there’s the decision of how you want to power your shades. A lot of clients don’t realize they can pick between hard-wired shades and battery-powered ones.

The right choice, as with most technology, will come down to your family’s priorities and your home’s limitations. Are you most interested in having a lot of control options or a quick installation? Are you in new construction or looking for an upgrade to an existing home? This blog focuses primarily on the benefits of battery-powered shades and offers some recommendations from our Lutron partners.