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What Makes Lutron’s Motorized Shades Among the Industry’s Best?

Learn About Three Unique Aspects of Lutron’s Motorized Shades

What Makes Lutron’s Motorized Shades Among the Industry’s Best?

Are all motorized shades the same? All cars will get you from Point A to Point B, but they will do it quite differently. It's much the same with smart home products like motorized shades; they tend to all get to the same results, but some accomplish the result with much greater aplomb. With motorized shades, there are many differences, and some are more subtle than others.

Lutron is a company that is almost synonymous with lighting control. The company invented the first dimmer in the 1950s, and today holds 2,700 patents worldwide on lighting technology. Did you know that they also make motorized shades? Lutron's mission is controlling light, both natural and artificial. They produce over 15,000 products, and motorized shading is an integral part of the product portfolio in both residential and commercial applications.

So, the first unique aspect of Lutron motorized shades is that no other company in the smart home space fields as extensive a product line in both lighting and shading control, which is why GHT Group is proud to be a Lutron integration partner in the Atlanta area.

Now that you know one important facet of Lutron, read on to find out more about their motorized shades solutions and why they’re the smart choice for your home Roswell or elsewhere in Metro Atlanta.

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Two Product Lines

As in lighting, Lutron covers the bases for different shading needs with two product lines, Serena and Sivoia QS. Serena is the company’s more affordable offering. It is a wireless-only solution with quiet electric motors with long-lasting batteries. Lutron motors are so quiet and efficient that other companies purchase them for use in other automated products. Serena shades come in a variety of styles, from honeycomb insulating types to roller shades with blackout or light filtering materials.

Lutron Sivoia is a high-end solution for larger and more extensive properties and includes both wired and wireless systems. It adds a broad array of styles to the mix with motorized traditional drapery racks, wood blinds, roman shades, and pleated styles. The Sivoia system also works with Lutron's innovative Kirbé vertical drapery system, which pulls fabric window treatments up vertically rather than horizontally, creating a clean look for windows – especially ones with a view.

Seamless Control

The other defining feature of Lutron motorized shading solutions is how well they integrate with other smart products and the unparalleled flexibility they provide to control shading and lighting. With the Serena line, an affordable set of wireless remote controls are offered which can be handheld or wall-mounted. If you want to integrate with other systems, the Lutron Smart Bridge is the gateway to the internet for the motorized shades, allowing integration with a wide variety of smart home systems, smartphone apps, and the voice control assistants from Apple, Google, and Amazon.

With the Sivoia system, the control becomes even more sophisticated. Sivoia is the counterpart to Lutron’s high-end RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS lighting control systems, which are oriented to more complex lighting control in larger residences. Lutron makes a variety of controls like the seeTouch QS designer keypads which can be wall-mounted or sit on a tabletop, as well as offering smart control through the Lutron Bridge. For more significant properties, Lutron systems provide integration with comprehensive smart home control systems like Crestron and Control4, which are offered by GHT Group.


Let GHT Group design the perfect custom Lutron motorized shades for your Roswell or Metro Atlanta home.

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