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Control Your House Through Natural Speech With

Your Starter’s Guide to Voice-Controlled Home Automation

Control Your House Through Natural Speech With

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Home automation makes controlling your home a simple affair. A touchscreen or your phone can command lights, audio, TVs, thermostats, and more to do your bidding. Sometimes, however, our hands are occupied. Sometimes our phones are recharging, or taking it out will immerse us in the thirty notifications we missed. At those times, we might just want to bark a voice command to get something done. Saying "I'm home," for example, could turn on a combination of lights in key areas and start a music playlist on your multi-room audio system. You might think that you need something like Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, or Apple's Siri to do that – but there's another option.

There’s a new voice home automation service that is going to make it even easier to control your Alpharetta-area or North Georgia home with just your voice. It makes it so easy and seamless that you may find yourself rarely reaching for a remote or your smartphone. It's called, and it will understand what you want to do as well as a personal butler.

You might be thinking at this point: What does do that I can’t do with Amazon Alexa or Google Home? Read on to learn how Josh does voice-controlled home automation differently.

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Speak Naturally

While voice control platforms work well, for home automation, they sometimes force you to use unnatural ways to say what you want to be done. uses a proprietary natural language processing technology that lets you talk to the system the way you might talk to a person.

One limitation of voice assistants is their limited understanding of context. Often a follow-up question or command after the initial one is not understood unless you use the right keyword and sequence of words. is a little smarter and is continually learning more about how you operate. For example, you can give it a series of commands like "dim the lights and let's watch House of Cards," and it knows how to execute that – including finding House of Cards on Netflix and ensuring every component in your AV system turns on correctly to the right setting. has a new Josh Micro speaker that you can place in various rooms. The speaker is smart enough to know what room it's in, so when you say turn on the lights, it turns them on for that room without having to ask which ones you want. That's the type of context that makes so easy to use.

Seamless Integration, Superior Privacy can add its smart layer of voice control over a wide variety of systems. It can work with smart devices like Sonos speakers and amps, Sony TVs, Nest thermostats and more. It also integrates with full home automation systems like Control4 and Crestron and sophisticated lighting control solutions from Lutron. The system learns your habits, so if you like your motorized shades closed on a hot Georgia summer afternoon, it will start doing that for you through advanced artificial intelligence. Easy to use apps on iPhone and Android give you not only the same voice control remotely, but a beautiful and simple interface for setting up your automation just the way you want it. It can even support multiple systems across different locations.

Some people are concerned about privacy with voice assistants. Unlike other voice services, does its processing and control locally, only needing to use the cloud when communicating commands to other cloud based systems. It does not use any of your data for marketing or other purposes. What you do in your home stays in your home.

Georgia Home Theater is excited to welcome as a new brand partner. And we are proud to offer installations as part of our local home automation services here in the Alpharetta area and beyond.

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