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Discover how a professional Control4 installer can get you the reliable home automation system you want. Learn more here.

Control4 OS 3.3 Brings Exciting New Updates and Features

Get Your Update Today from Your Local Atlanta-area Control4 Installer

Control4 OS 3.3 Brings Exciting New Updates and Features

Our clients love Control4 home automation for its power, flexibility, and compatibility with so many smart home features. Control4 never stands still, and they're always adding new features and functionality to the system, as well as continuously improving the performance, usability, and scalability of the system.

GHT Group – metro Atlanta's premier Control4 installer – is pleased to offer Control4 OS 3.3, available now. If you have an existing Control4 system, it's an excellent upgrade for your Milton, GA home. And if you don't, it's another great reason to step up to the convenience and luxury of Control4 smart automation. 

Keep reading below to learn about the major improvements in Control4 OS 3.3!

Three Things Control4 Does Better Than Other Home Smart Home Systems

Insider Knowledge from an Expert Control4 Installer

Three Things Control4 Does Better Than Other Home Smart Home Systems

If you’re the type of person that does their research when looking to make a major purchase, you know how difficult it can be to compare similar products. The marketing materials often check off all the boxes, and you may wonder what the difference is between products A and B. 

But products and solutions have differences, and sometimes you have to dig a little bit to unearth them. Take cars, for example. Maybe you’re comparing two SUVs, and they’re about the same size, inside and out, have 300 horsepower engines, and a 10-inch infotainment screen. They have the same options, checking all the boxes you want. So how do you compare them? It’s going to come down to the way they drive, how that infotainment works on the screen, how you like the seat comfort, and many other factors. 

When it comes to smart home automation, sometimes you can’t really test-drive before you buy. And most of these systems will have very similar features and do the same things. So how can you tell the difference? As a premier Control4 installer, we’re partial to Control4 and its approach to home automation. And we’re going to tell you about three things that make Control4 stand out from other solutions, so you can make an informed decision for your smart Watercolor, FL smart home. Ready? Stay with us.

Buying, Remodeling or Building? Call a Control4 Installer

Make Your Home Smart from the Start!

Buying, Remodeling or Building? Call a Control4 Installer

When buying, building, or remodeling a new home, you'll have many decisions to make. Everything from landscaping to interior finishes to window treatments is on the table. All the decisions and options to evaluate can be exhausting. While you can't call Saul to help, you can rely on your local Control4 installer.

Smart home features are high on the list of most homebuyers today, and you likely want at least a couple of things or many. And the decisions for smart home tech can be equally overwhelming. But with a Control4 installer like GHT Group, you can have a personal expert in smart home automation that can take the stress out of the planning and work with your builder and designer to integrate the tailored system you want. Keep reading to learn what a Control4 installer can do for your new Cumming, GA home.

What to Look for in a Control4 Installer

Not Every Control4 Dealer Is Cut from the Same Cloth

What to Look for in a Control4 Installer

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in smart home automation, and likely you’ve heard of Control4. When you look for a Porsche dealer, you want the one with the best reputation for sales and service. Of course, being local counts, but there are several Porsche franchises in the metro Atlanta area. If you’re looking for a Control4 installer for a smart home automation system, you also want one with a reputation for expertise and after-sales support.

So, how do you choose the right Control4 installer for your Woodstock, GA smart home project? Keep reading below for the most important characteristics.