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Discover how a professional Control4 installer can get you the reliable home automation system you want. Learn more here.

Control4 OS 3.3 Brings Exciting New Updates and Features Control4 OS 3.3 Brings Exciting New Updates and Features

Get Your Update Today from Your Local Atlanta-area Control4 Installer

Our clients love Control4 home automation for its power, flexibility, and compatibility with so many smart home features. Control4 never stands still, and they're always adding new features and functionality to the system, as well as continuously improving the performance, usability, and scalability of the system.

GHT Group – metro Atlanta's premier Control4 installer – is pleased to offer Control4 OS 3.3, available now. If you have an existing Control4 system, it's an excellent upgrade for your Milton, GA home. And if you don't, it's another great reason to step up to the convenience and luxury of Control4 smart automation. 

Keep reading below to learn about the major improvements in Control4 OS 3.3!

Three Things Control4 Does Better Than Other Home Smart Home Systems Three Things Control4 Does Better Than Other Home Smart Home Systems

Insider Knowledge from an Expert Control4 Installer

If you’re the type of person that does their research when looking to make a major purchase, you know how difficult it can be to compare similar products. The marketing materials often check off all the boxes, and you may wonder what the difference is between products A and B. 

But products and solutions have differences, and sometimes you have to dig a little bit to unearth them. Take cars, for example. Maybe you’re comparing two SUVs, and they’re about the same size, inside and out, have 300 horsepower engines, and a 10-inch infotainment screen. They have the same options, checking all the boxes you want. So how do you compare them? It’s going to come down to the way they drive, how that infotainment works on the screen, how you like the seat comfort, and many other factors. 

When it comes to smart home automation, sometimes you can’t really test-drive before you buy. And most of these systems will have very similar features and do the same things. So how can you tell the difference? As a premier Control4 installer, we’re partial to Control4 and its approach to home automation. And we’re going to tell you about three things that make Control4 stand out from other solutions, so you can make an informed decision for your smart Watercolor, FL smart home. Ready? Stay with us. 

Buying, Remodeling or Building? Call a Control4 Installer Buying, Remodeling or Building? Call a Control4 Installer

Make Your Home Smart from the Start!

When buying, building, or remodeling a new home, you'll have many decisions to make. Everything from landscaping to interior finishes to window treatments is on the table. All the decisions and options to evaluate can be exhausting. While you can't call Saul to help, you can rely on your local Control4 installer.

Smart home features are high on the list of most homebuyers today, and you likely want at least a couple of things or many. And the decisions for smart home tech can be equally overwhelming. But with a Control4 installer like GHT Group, you can have a personal expert in smart home automation that can take the stress out of the planning and work with your builder and designer to integrate the tailored system you want. Keep reading to learn what a Control4 installer can do for your new Cumming, GA home.

What to Look for in a Control4 Installer What to Look for in a Control4 Installer

Not Every Control4 Dealer Is Cut from the Same Cloth

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in smart home automation, and likely you’ve heard of Control4. When you look for a Porsche dealer, you want the one with the best reputation for sales and service. Of course, being local counts, but there are several Porsche franchises in the metro Atlanta area. If you’re looking for a Control4 installer for a smart home automation system, you also want one with a reputation for expertise and after-sales support.

So, how do you choose the right Control4 installer for your Woodstock, GA smart home project? Keep reading below for the most important characteristics.

Three Benefits of Using a Professional Control4 Installer for Home Automation Three Benefits of Using a Professional Control4 Installer for Home Automation

Get Home Automation Tailored for You

The concept of smart home control and automation sounds great to you. We talk about every aspect of it on these blog pages, from AV systems to lighting to shading and everything else. But the process of starting might seem a little daunting; trying to figure out what you want and need. 

When you buy a car, do you spring for the loaded model that has absolutely everything? If you do, you won't suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) – you’ve got it all. That’s great, but most auto manufacturers offer different trim levels or a multitude of a-la-carte options to customize your vehicle the way you want it. That way, you get what you want and don’t pay for what you don’t need. 

When it comes to smart home design and installation, that’s what an expert Control4 installer like GHT Group can offer you – a system specifically tailored for your Duluth, GA home and your needs. Read on to see how working with a Control4 dealer gets you all the smart home you need and want – and not what you don’t.  

3 Reasons NOT to Hire a Control4 Smart Home Installer 3 Reasons NOT to Hire a Control4 Smart Home Installer

We Realize Some People Don’t Need Our Help

Are we being serious here? Yes and no. After all, as a leading Control4 installer serving Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta, why would we tell you not to hire us for your smart home needs? So bear with us here for a little tongue-in-cheek look at smart home automation.

Almost every day, a new smart home device hits the market. OK, maybe not every day, but it seems like there’s a new one every day. From devices from industry giants like Amazon to upstarts like Wyze, there are amazing options for remarkably sophisticated smart home functionality. Couple that with the ever-growing software ecosystem from the tech industry’s leaders like Amazon, Apple, and Google, and why would you ever need GHT Group? Well, we’re going to go ahead and tell you three reasons why you might not need us, just in case you couldn’t think of any right off the bat!

What’s New for Your Control4 Home Automation System?

Your Control4 Installer Has Three New Features You’ll Want

Have you had a Control4 smart home system for a while? Congratulations, you’re likely enjoying the ease it brings to daily life in your Milton, GA home. The other great thing about your smart home investment is that it keeps improving. Since 2004, Control4 has been on a never-ending quest to make your home smarter and easier to manage.

You may be completely happy with what your smart home does today, but there are some new wrinkles and features that could make your experience that much better. And they’re all available with a call to GHT Group, Atlanta’s leading Control4 installer. Keep reading below to learn about three new features you might just have to have!

4 Reasons NOT to Go DIY with Home Automation 4 Reasons NOT to Go DIY with Home Automation

And Why You Should Call Your Friendly Atlanta Control4 Installer Instead

Are you the techy type that all your friends call for advice on the latest devices? Maybe you’re also handy with home projects and enjoy the undeniable satisfaction of doing something yourself. If so, you might be quite tempted to try your hand at doing a DIY home automation project. 

Depending on what you want to accomplish, you might be fine going the DIY route. But if your home is large, you want sophisticated automation sequences, and you want a system that doesn’t need frequent debugging, you may want to read the rest of this blog. Or you can skip it and call GHT Group, Atlanta’s leading Control4 installer, about your smart home wish list. We’ll be happy to help! Now, keep reading below for all the reasons to bolster your decision to call us – just in case you need some. 

Create a Healthful Home with Control4 Automation Create a Healthful Home with Control4 Automation

How a Control4 Installation Enhances Wellness

Have we gone off the deep end? We are now claiming that home automation can improve wellness? Bear with us; it's not as wild as it seems. First, home automation is a great convenience – and luxury – and if that alone reduces stress, that's an improvement in your wellness.

Think about it. If your home automation system can inform you that you left the garage door open because it knows you're not at home, you can close it with a tap on a screen or have it do so automatically after a few minutes. If you're on vacation and you have a video doorbell and smart security cameras, you can check in on your house at any time and be notified of any unusual activity. Peace of mind and reduced anxiety is a boon for wellness too.

But even beyond the convenience and security aspects, comprehensive smart home systems like Control4 can create a better atmosphere for wellness too. As a Control4 installer in Cumming and Metro Atlanta, we have seen (and helped create) many ways clients have used their smart home features to improve fitness, mood, and relaxation for a healthier atmosphere. Keep reading for some of the best ideas!

What You Get with a Certified Control4 Installer What You Get with a Certified Control4 Installer

Get Home Automation with Professional Results

Let’s face it, anyone can have some level of home automation and smart control these days. Hundreds of smart devices are available at the click of an Amazon Buy button, at Home Depot, or Best Buy. You can be your own integrator, programmer, and head debugger and install a surprisingly extensive smart home system yourself. 

Perhaps you're not interested in integrating your own system or trying to figure out why your outside lights didn't turn on at sunset. If you’re a busy professional, your time away from work is likely far more valuable than debugging your smart home devices. We're not going to tell you hiring a professional for your smart home installation will be less expensive – when is it ever? But we can tell you what you will get with a professionally installed smart home system like Control4, and how a Control4 installer like GHT Group, Atlanta's leading home technology integrator, can ensure you don't spend your free time as your home's IT person. Keep reading for more. 

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