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Enrich Your Everyday Life with Control4 Home Automation

Technological advancements in recent decades had many of us believing our lives would become simpler with an abundance of free time. So why didn’t that happen? Instead, most of our weekly schedules became hectic and stressful. Perhaps the problem lies in that all of our technology was still disjointed. With a Control4 smart home system at your home in Inlet Beach, FL, or Metro Atlanta, all of your devices are unified and controlled from one application. Whether it’s audio, video, lighting, climate control, or security, it’s all accessible from your phone, tablet, or wall panel through Control4 home automation.

What is Control4? It’s a leading provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, already installed in over 400,000 households. Founded in 2003 and based in Salt Lake City, Control4 has garnered countless awards, including Whole House Control Product of the Year by CE Pro in 2020. Control4 is also compatible with 14,000 third-party products like Sony, Bose, LG, Samsung, and Dish, so you won’t have to replace your existing speakers, security devices, and other gadgets. The system adapts to your lifestyle with seamless control that works so well; it will feel like second nature.

But just like electricity, plumbing, and heating, a home automation setup is not a DIY project. For a fully integrated system, GHT Group has the expertise to install a custom Control4 system at your home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, or Atlanta, GA, to match every need and perform flawlessly. Discover all Control4 can do below!

Control4 Atlanta, GA

Whole Home Control

Envision your lights, audio, security, thermostat, and more controlled all from the same app, where you can group technology into rooms and schedule custom scenes. The tiny tasks of everyday life can add up, leaving you to feel like you have a never-ending to-do list. That’s where Control4 lighting, entertainment, security, and more come together to take it off your shoulders. With a setting like “Good Morning,” your motorized shades will rise automatically to let in the morning sun, soft music will start playing over your whole-home speakers, and the thermostat will change to your preferred temperature. Leaving the house? Turn off every light, lock the doors, and power down entertainment all in a few taps on your phone or through a voice-command. If you’re abroad on a trip, check on the state of your house through your surveillance camera footage, and receive alerts activated by motion sensors. You can even incorporate your heating, air conditioning, sprinklers, fireplaces, swimming pool, and spa in your smart system. Any home can become a Control4 home, and with the ability to start small and build later on, you can begin living with control and automation today.

Home Theater Image 1

Single & Multi-Room Entertainment

Why not add a personal soundtrack to your life? With a whole-home audio system, you can enjoy music throughout every room of the house and swiftly select each speaker from the Control4 app. Sync rooms of speakers together, choose the playlists or albums you want to listen to, and adjust the volume for the whole house—and outdoors! Or use Control4 zones to play different music in each room so that every family member can enjoy their own tunes. Retro at heart? You can even connect your record player to multi-room audio. Next, extend control to your TV and movie viewings. Start watching a movie in the home gym, then continue watching it from the media room. With a home theater, you can connect your speakers and screen and power it on it one tap, all made simple through Control4.

Home Theater Image 1

OS 3

Control4’s OS 3 interface reveals a world of new possibilities for smart system users. Its glossy and modern screens are intuitive to navigate, so you’ll understand how it works right away. The large at-a-glance icons update instantly to represent the state of your technology, so you can quickly see what lights are on, if the garage door is open, what doors are locked, and which speakers are on, no matter how far away you are from home. You can now save Favorites to store the most frequently used icons on the main dashboard screen to access your most-used rooms and devices with fewer touches and taps. To customize the interface, hold and drag to add, arrange, remove, and favorite different icons. Plus, add custom wallpapers for each space, like a photo of the room being selected. The new Comfort screen provides weather details, and the Active Media bar displays what’s currently playing over your speaker system. Whether you use your smartphone, tablet, or the Neeo touchscreen remote, OS 3 puts smarter living in the palm of your hand.

Make Your Smart Home Precisely Your Own with Control4

Contact GHT Group to learn more about the magic of Control4 home automation or to schedule a free demonstration at our showroom.