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Articles in Category: Anthem Receivers

Why Audio Enthusiasts Still Choose Anthem Receivers

If You Value Audio Quality Above All, Anthem Should Be at the Top of Your List

Why Audio Enthusiasts Still Choose Anthem Receivers

Note: We originally drafted this post last year, and we’ve seen an array of amplifiers enter the market. However, the Anthem receivers that we will discuss today still hold up as an outstanding product. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the state-of-the-art engineering features, such as the highly regarded Anthem Room Correction (ARC) which not only garners industry raves but also ensures that it delights even the most selective audiophiles.

With the global pandemic happening and all the anxiety that comes with it, now’s the perfect time for some healthy escapism, and few technologies can accomplish that as well as masterfully designed audio. We admit it: Speakers are probably the most fun aspect of your sonic setup, but don’t ignore your amplifier! We’ll look at why that’s important here as well as why we choose Anthem’s time after time.

Why Anthem Receivers Are the Choice of Audio Enthusiasts

If You Value Audio Quality Above All, Anthem Should Be at the Top of Your List

Why Anthem Receivers Are the Choice of Audio Enthusiasts

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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The audio receiver is the do-it-all hub for many home audio setups. It is the anchor in most multi-channel home audio-video installations, deftly managing video switching, decoding all audio formats, amplification, room correction, and more.  

Yet the receiver is sometimes not entirely appreciated by some audio enthusiasts. While the receiver is a convenient one-box solution, some think only separate components will deliver the sound quality that will satisfy them. 

Anthem begs to differ with that notion. Anthem is part of Paradigm, the Canadian speaker company that is well-regarded in audio circles for delivering excellent sound quality at prices that won’t break the bank. Anthem also makes separate processors and amplifiers, so they know how to make high-quality components that prioritize sound quality. 

The majority of today's receivers from mass-market brands tend to load up on features at the expense of quality. Today's receivers feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in audio apps, multiple surround modes, web and app-based control, and many more features that are all convenient but they do not necessarily improve sound quality. 

Anthem receivers eschew “feature bloat” for delivering what a receiver should first and foremost: excellent sound from any source. That doesn’t mean that their receivers are missing key features; they focus on the ones that matter and building the best quality product for the price point. 

So if you’re an audio enthusiast looking for a new receiver for your media room, home theater, or listening room in your Atlanta home, read on to see why Anthem should be on your list.