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What Are the Best Streaming Services for Whole-Home Audio? What Are the Best Streaming Services for Whole-Home Audio?

We all know that streaming music is where it’s at for sheer convenience in listening to music. With a whole-home audio system, what could possibly be easier than choosing a streaming source, selecting an artist or playlist, and hitting play? The only thing easier is a Control4 multiroom audio system that makes all that child's play – even your kids can choose the right rooms to play the music without disturbing yours!

While a benefit of whole-home audio is the ability to play other sources like CDs and vinyl all over the house, streaming is likely where you'll spend most of your listening time. We thought it would be a good time to revisit some of today's top streaming services that offer stellar listening experiences for your Brookhaven, GA home. Ready? Keep reading below!

5 Ways to Command Your Control4 Whole-Home Audio System 5 Ways to Command Your Control4 Whole-Home Audio System

Starting Your Music Is Simple for Everyone at Home

Control4 is known far and wide as a full-fledged home automation system, but it also features a native whole-home audio solution that gives standalone multi-room music systems a run for their money. Not only can you quickly access and share music throughout the home, but you can also manage other smart home functions, such as lights, TVs, and door locks, using the same preferred Control4 device.

Because no Georgia household or music listener is the same, Control4 offers various intuitive control options that suit different preferences. While a handheld remote may be best for controlling music when you’re relaxing on the couch, voice commands may be better when you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Below, we’ll explore five easy ways to command the Control4 whole-home audio system in your Brookhaven or Metro Atlanta home. Get to know the ways and decide which ones you may like best!