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Articles in Category: Outdoor Sound System WaterSound, FL

GHT Group is a premier integrator of outdoor sound and entertainment systems serving WaterSound and the Florida Panhandle. Call us at (850) 529-4743.

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape with Coastal Source

Coastal Source Delivers Potent, Long-Lasting Audio in the Florida Climate

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape with Coastal Source

Florida weather can be tough on anything not inside air conditioning. The high humidity rusts bikes in garages and rots wood fences, and the salty air of the ocean can corrode metals and dull paint. At the same time, living in WaterSound means enjoying an outdoor lifestyle year-round, so you’re going to have things outside. 

One of the best additions you could make to maximize the enjoyment of your outside spaces is outdoor audio. An outdoor sound system can relax you for an afternoon of sunning and swimming in the pool, grilling dinner, or just enjoying a book on your lounge on a bright winter day. But can you get an outdoor sound system that stands up to the heat, humidity, and salt of the Florida 30A coast? You can with Coastal Source outdoor audio, a sound system made for its very name. Read on to learn more.