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Articles in Category: Control4 System

GHT Group offers custom Control4 system solutions for homeowners and businesses throughout the Southeast. Find out more through our blog.

How to Maximize the Benefits of a Control4 Home Automation System

3 Simple Tips for Ensuring You’ll Love Your Smart Home

How to Maximize the Benefits of a Control4 Home Automation System

Occasionally, something you dream about becomes a nightmare in reality. Maybe it's the sports car that spends more time in the shop than on the road or the dream vacation that became the trip from hell. It happens to all of us, and sometimes it happens with technology products too. 

If you’re thinking about a home automation system, the last thing you want is a smart home that doesn’t work the way you think it should. Of course, premier home automation solutions like Control4 systems are great products; nevertheless, sound planning is required to ensure you'll love your Alpharetta, GA, smart home. Please keep reading below for three tips to put you on the path to smart home bliss.

Personalize Your Holiday Home with a Control4 System

Control4 When>>Then Automation Lets you Set the Scene

Personalize Your Holiday Home with a Control4 System

Smart home automation is a powerful tool for tailoring your home to your lifestyle. But your life isn't static, right? It's constantly changing and evolving, and it changes with the seasons. What you do in summer isn't the same as in winter, and you certainly have activities that only happen over the holidays. 

With a smart Control4 system, you can customize your home for all your special holiday activities. Best of all, you can do it yourself! That may sound difficult, but it’s not. We’ll explain below how you get the best of both worlds with Control4 – the power of a professionality installed system and the flexibility of DIY customization. If that sounds like your kind of Pensacola, FL, smart home, then learn more below!

Manage Your Control4 System with Your iPhone and Apple Watch

Smart Home Control Gets Easier All the Time with Control4

Manage Your Control4 System with Your iPhone and Apple Watch

This world is fueled by software innovation. Software makes our computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, and smart homes do more things faster and better. One thing you don’t want in a software-driven world? Static software with infrequent updates. 

You might think – as you wait patiently for your latest Windows or Mac update to finish installing on your computer – doesn’t every company update their software? Unfortunately, some software gets updated and enhanced a lot more than others. Control4, a premier smart home platform, understands this. They’re constantly upgrading their system with new features and updates, large and small. 

In this blog, we'd like to point out some nifty new updates that make managing the Control4 system in your Suwanee, GA home easier. If you have both an iPhone and Apple Watch, keep reading below!

How to Get the Most from a Control4 Home Automation System

Have the 4Sight to Enhance Your Control4 System

How to Get the Most from a Control4 Home Automation System

A Control4 system is the best way to orchestrate all the smart functions and devices in your home. Not only does Control4 make its own devices like the Chime video doorbell and Contemporary Wall keypads and lighting control solutions, but it also works with thousands of third-party devices. Those devices include almost any AV device that responds to infrared remote control, Nest thermostats, Lutron lighting control, Yale smart locks, and so much more.

But there is one more piece that unlocks even more value from a Control4 system. It’s called 4Sight, and it’s a service that brings a wealth of additional power and customization possibilities to your Control4 home automation system. Find out how 4Sight services put all the power and control of your Atlanta, GA smart home in the palm of your hand – literally!