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See How Easy Home Automation Can be with Control4 OS3

An Illustrated Guide to Control4’s New OS 3

See How Easy Home Automation Can be with Control4 OS3

Last month, we were excited to tell you about the latest Control4 smart home system, OS 3. Control4 did its homework in designing this new software: listening to both existing customers and integrators like Georgia Home Theater, then taking the best features from today’s mobile apps to make this an extremely easy system for daily use.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Judging by the popularity of YouTube, you could say that saying holds ever so true today. Along that line, we'd like to cover some of our favorite features in Control4 OS 3 that really shine - with a tidy how-to video compilation that will give you an excellent feel for how comfortable it is to use.

After you read and watch the tutorials below, you may just want to upgrade your current Control4 system in your Atlanta home. If you don’t have a Control4 smart home, then you’re still in the right place - Georgia Home Theater can customize one for you.

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An Improved Entertainment Experience

With whole-home audio and video entertainment systems, the system must be easy to use. No one wants to dive through multiple menus to find music to listen to. You also want quick controls at a glance for volume, track changes, and directing content to a location. Check out the video below for an example of the new, more intuitive Control4 entertainment interface:

Control4 takes great pride in offering one consistent interface for controlling all your smart devices. They’ve taken that to the next level in OS 3 with the ability to put all your favorite music services into one simplified interface. Watch how here:

Quicker Everyday Interaction

The personalization potential of Control4 OS 3 is better than ever before, and it doesn’t require an iota of programming skill.  You can customize the interface to place the things you use most often front and center in a particular room. If you get frustrated by car infotainment systems that make you dive through three layers of menus on a touchscreen (in a moving car, no less), you will love OS 3’s flexible shortcut features. You can see what we mean when you watch this next video:

More Than a Touchscreen-Only World

While touchscreens are ultra-popular for everything including home automation control, for media control, sometimes you want a good remote with real buttons. Control4 has not forgotten that, and they have always been unique in that they offer a TV screen interface that can be navigated through a hard-button remote. That interface has been upgraded and simplified in OS 3, and it is incredibly convenient to use when you are enjoying a show on your big screen but need to get quick access to a home automation function like lights or a smart door lock. Since pictures tell a better story, watch below to see how easy it is to navigate home control while watching your favorite content.

We hope this has given you a taste of what you can do with the latest Control4 system in your Atlanta-area home. Whether you are an existing Control4 customer looking to upgrade or want to enjoy the benefits of the latest in home automation, visit Georgia Home Theater’s Control4 Certified Showroom,  call us at (770) 955-8909, or click the button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you.

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