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Elevating Entertainment: The Art of the Home Media Room Elevating Entertainment: The Art of the Home Media Room

Crafting Multifunctional Spaces for the Ultimate Media Experience

For many Florida homeowners, the concept of a home media room is evolving from a luxury to a lifestyle. These spaces, far more versatile than traditional home theaters, offer a unique blend of entertainment, comfort, and technology. At GHT Group, we understand that a media room is more than just a place to watch shows and movies; it's a multifaceted environment where design, technology, and functionality meet. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in cinematic adventures or host a lively game-watch night, our expertly designed media rooms cater to all your entertainment needs while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetics of your coastal home. Join us as we delve into the elements that make a media room an essential part of modern living in Santa Rosa Beach.

4 Reasons to Choose a Professional Control4 System Installation 4 Reasons to Choose a Professional Control4 System Installation

The Dangers of DIY for Smart Home Projects

Are you the go-to tech guru among your circle in Birmingham, AL? Do you relish the satisfaction of a well-executed DIY project? You might be contemplating a DIY approach to home automation. While DIY can be rewarding for small tasks, when it comes to a comprehensive, reliable, and secure smart home, you might want to consider professional Control4 system installation.

If you're dealing with a large home, desire intricate automation sequences, or simply want a system that runs smoothly without constant troubleshooting, this blog is for you. Or, you could skip the reading and reach out to us, your local Birmingham Control4 experts. We're here to make your smart home dreams come true. But if you need more convincing about this subject, please keep reading!

How to Thwart Theft with a Security Camera Installation How to Thwart Theft with a Security Camera Installation

Keep Porch Pirates at Bay with Your Electronic Eyes

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes lots of online shopping and package deliveries. You'll get plenty of notifications that your package is approaching or at your door, but even in the best neighborhoods, there's always the chance you might be the victim of porch piracy.

What is porch piracy? As you might surmise, it’s the opportunistic thief that might be tailing the UPS or Amazon truck and lifting the AirPods your teenager coveted for Christmas from your front door before you’ve had a chance to retrieve it. No one wants that agony. But there is a way to make those pirates think twice about targeting your Dunwoody, GA porch with a security camera installation. Learn how below.

What Are the Best Locations to Install Security Cameras? What Are the Best Locations to Install Security Cameras?

Tips on Placement for Keeping Your Home Safe

Today’s smart security cameras and systems are an excellent way to keep an eye on your home. Motion sensing and other advanced features can instantly alert you to unexpected visitors, intrusions, or potential problems. 

As with many things related to safety and security, the right security camera installation is critical for a system to provide the safety benefits you are looking for in your Alpharetta, GA home. Where you place your cameras might be the difference between averting an issue versus finding out about it when it’s too late to act. Keep reading below for some practical tips on security camera placement to keep your home and property safer. 

SEE ALSO: Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System

How to Control Lutron Motorized Shades in 4 Easy Ways How to Control Lutron Motorized Shades in 4 Easy Ways

From Buttons to the Sound of Your Voice, It’s Your Choice

We’ve waxed poetic about the virtues of motorized shades in our blog. If you are looking to remodel, modernize, or are merely rethinking your window treatments, they should be at the top of your list. They're also a great way to begin your smart home transformation.

One of the best things about motorized window treatments is all the ways you can control them. And we're not just talking about the smartphone app, either. Apps are great, but sometimes there are other things to do with your smartphone. Also not discussed: manual control. After all, if that's what you were seeking, you probably wouldn't be reading this. 

One of GHT Group's preferred brands for powered shading is Lutron. Lutron shades offer an incredible array of choices in materials, styles, and control. Since this blog is about all the ways you can control your powered Lutron window treatments in your Atlanta, GA home, we're going to focus on that aspect in the rest of this blog. Please keep reading!

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Security Camera System

Always Know What’s Happening at Home

Life is hectic, and sometimes we forget. We forget to close the garage door when rushing to work and getting kids to school. We don’t recall if we locked the back doors to the patio. And if things were really hectic, we might not remember if we turned off a gas fireplace or burner.

Is there a way to have another set of eyes and ears looking after your house when no one is home? That’s where a security camera installation for your Buckhead, GA home can help. With today’s smart cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. 

Today’s smart security cameras are packed with features to make it easy to worry less and get peace of mind that everything is OK at home. And when it’s not OK, you’ll be the first to know to take the appropriate action. Read on to learn more!

5 Things to Know About Installing Home Security Cameras 5 Things to Know About Installing Home Security Cameras

No. 1 - They’re Not All the Same

Once upon a time, security cameras in residences were something you’d only see in very high-end properties. If you’re reading this, you likely are familiar with many brands of consumer security cameras like Nest, Ring, Arlo, and more. The high-end systems are still there, and they generally provide more surveillance features than the typical consumer products.

Why install security cameras? The primary driver tends to be for safety, but with modern advanced features, there are many other good reasons to have them. The latest models can detect motion and sound, can see in the dark, and can even discern between cars, animals, and humans. Your security cameras can help keep an eye on pets and kids, and also check in with elderly family members at home.

Features abound in both consumer and professional-level products. What should you look for in the security camera installation for your Atlanta, GA home? Read on to learn more.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Theater Buff 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Theater Buff

5 Great Gifts for the Home Theater Aficionados in Your Life

We know what you're thinking. A holiday gift guide, is it that time already? Yes, it is, but it shouldn't be cause for concern.

If you have a film and home theater buff in your life, then you’re in luck, because we have put together one doozy of a holiday gift guide for you. Any of these gifts would make an impression in any home theater installation in Atlanta.

So how do you choose the right one? We can’t tell you here, but you can visit us at our Marietta showroom to check these out, and we will be happy to help. Of course, if the person is a truly special one, perhaps you'll want to get them all?


Read on for your 2019 holiday gift guide for the media lovers in your life.

Make Holiday Entertaining Easy with a Crestron Control System Make Holiday Entertaining Easy with a Crestron Control System

Relax and Let Home Automation Do Some of the Work

The holidays are coming around, and we always look forward to that time to refresh, recharge, and celebrate with family and friends. But as we all know, the holidays can be stressful, too. Shopping, traffic, cooking, and rushing to get the house ready for entertaining guests can take a toll.


GHT Group would like to suggest that you let home technology take a bit of the stress out of the holidays. A Crestron control system can automate routine tasks and even add some flair to this holiday season in Dunwoody.

If thinking about the holidays is already elevating your blood pressure, we invite you to take a few minutes and read the rest of this blog. If it sparks a few ideas for a calmer, happier holiday, we’re here to help with the tech side.

3 Signs a Creston Control System Might Be Right for Your Home 3 Signs a Creston Control System Might Be Right for Your Home

Explore the Crestron Difference in Home Automation

For all intents and purposes, home automation technology is mainstream these days. A host of companies are making everything from smart light bulbs to thermostats to video doorbells, and many of them are connected to Google, Apple, and Amazon home automation platforms. While it seems like a recent phenomenon, in reality, home automation has been around for decades, and some companies have been at it longer than others.

Crestron is one such company and the one that practically invented home automation. Crestron started in 1971 building a variety of automated machines, and it began focusing on electronics control in the late 1980s with one of the first wireless remotes for commercial systems. The company's long history and focus on automation have made it a staple of control systems from corporate boardrooms to the largest homes.

As the premier smart home company in Metro Atlanta, Georgia Home Theater has years of experience designing and installing custom Crestron control system solutions for homeowners throughout the area. Read on to learn about three ways Crestron stands out from any other home automation solution.

Enhance Home Communications with Control4’s Intercom Anywhere Enhance Home Communications with Control4’s Intercom Anywhere

Enjoy A Smart Home That Keeps You Connected from Anywhere in the World

The days of the old-fashioned doorbell are gone. Nowadays, you can see who is at the door and communicate with those people directly without having to walk all the way to the front of the house.

DIY video doorbells have become increasingly popular because they are relatively simple to install and access, but the performance of that technology can be unreliable, especially if there are any errors in the installation process.

Since 2003, Control4 has been leading the charge when it comes to smart home automation services, offering robust and stable control systems that, through a professional installation, can enhance how you interact with your home space.

Intercom Anywhere is Control4’s latest innovation, taking the core idea of a video doorbell and expanding it so the technology plays a more significant role in overall home communications.

Keep reading to learn how this feature can elevate your Metro Atlanta property.

Is Your Home Security System Intelligent? Is Your Home Security System Intelligent?

5 Ways an Integrated Home Control System Makes for Smarter Security

Do you have a home security system? Chances are you do.  Standard home security systems have alarms, sensors on doors and windows for intrusion detection, and smoke detectors that trigger a call to a security monitoring service. These systems provide some peace of mind so you can rest easy in your Atlanta home.

But homes are evolving, and security solutions are too. A smart home security installation from the experts at Georgia Home Theater can dramatically expand your security features. Smart home security can do much more than set off an alarm when something is amiss.  With today’s smart devices, you can make your home much more secure and keep an eye on your home at any time, no matter where you are.

Let’s explore a few benefits of integrating home security with a home automation system, like that of our partner Control4.

Why Are Motorized Shades an Improvement Over Manual Shades? Why Are Motorized Shades an Improvement Over Manual Shades?

A Side-By-Side Breakdown of Motorized Vs. Manual Shades

Window shades are an essential part of your Buckhead-area home’s functionality and design. They help regulate temperature, protect against UV rays, reduce glare on TVs, and prevent the outside world from looking into your house when you want private time.

Manual shades can be a hassle to operate, and if they’re not lowered at the right time, they don’t offer any protection. Those problems are eliminated with motorized shades, which operate automatically depending on the settings you program into your home control system.

Read on to discover how motorized and manual shades compare in three different areas: ease of use, customization, and convenience.